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World’s Greatest Hacker – A Problem to the Monetary, Know-how and Company Sector Safety

World’s Biggest Hacker – A Challenge to the Financial, Technology and Corporate Sector Security

Ahmedabad, Gujarat (PRWeb) March 18, 2007 — Born in small village of most famous Indian city known as Pink City of India. Mr. Sharma is in the field of security research from last 8 years. He has now full control over the global web security system. His life was full of struggle and overloaded stress. He mentions his strength and pride by specifying himself as a Full-stop on E-system. His aim was to perform unique tasks across globe, something which no one other then him can perform. He proved this through a LIVE ON AIR telecast on one of the most reputed news channel INDIA TV ( This telecast was aired in the Breaking News on INDIA TV and was the world’s first longest hacking and security related news telecast. This telecast was shown from 9:00 PM to 12:30 AM and is one of the best serialized news programme of India. Minister of Information Technology, Technical Experts, Stock Exchange Experts, Cyber Crime Experts, Indian Star Editors Team and Corporate Profiles were all present during this telecast. Mr. Sharma had hacked several Internet Banking, Internet Trading and Internet Shopping websites all in a single attempt. Recently, Mr. Sharma had also announced about his new security firm Shubhlabh Technologies. He mentions hacking as an expert level work which is technical art of finding vulnerabilities in existing weak security of any online activity through Internet. Kalpesh Sharma, shows the LIVE demonstration on net banking and its loopholes. He proved that no bank is safe for your money. He challenged to all banks that he can hack any bank site because of their loopholes. However, his intention behind proving was to help out peoples become safe and aware of technical security.

First he reserved an airticket on shopping website for free. The payment was done by hacking the site of IDBI Bank payment gateway. Secondly, he purchased a raincoat from rediff shopping website and payment was done through hacking of Federal Bank. From both websites he received the receipt with order number and confirmed payment that the payment is done and we will deliver it within 3 days…

Alongwith, Mr. Sharma also went for discussion through a debate in the same LIVE telecast with Mr. Dhrender Kumar (Stock Exchange Expert) and Pawan Duggal (Cyber Law Expert) and they felt shocked when they saw all these right in front of their eyes. Mr. Dhrender said that, ” I am shocked to see this situation. Now our money is not safe and we could not take physical risk to keep huge amount of funds with us, because technical era is on it’s way towards progress. In order to avoid this we are using Net Banking, but as seen there are several vulnerabilities in banking system also… “

Mr Pawan Duggal described about some clauses and sections of Information Security Act, and asked peoples who lost their money, can claim up to 10 Million INR. But you have to prove it in the court of law, which is almost very difficult to perform. You can’t get help from consumer court as well, in this situation. No one knows what can be done? Mr. Sharma also hacked the so called safe website of shares and securities trading i.e and transferred 100 INR into his Union Bank Savings Account. Indiabulls database site reflected the balance fluctuations, immediately. For discussion on this, Mr Gagan Banga (President of Indiabulls) was called in this LIVE telecast. But instead of accepting his company’s technical mistakes, he challenged against Mr. Sharma’s claims. He fully denied though everything was seen by millions of peoples across nation. He said that, ” It’s not possible to hack our trading website”. Then, Mr. Sharma challenged him to prove it right in that running LIVE telecast, and asked him for oral permissions. Mr. Sharma also added that let public viewers of this telecast give their decisions after he demonstrates it right now. Once Mr. Gagan felt nervous ! because by this they can loose the confidence of people. But at last he accepted that challenge and told to Mr. Sharma that he can come in his office and hack Mr. Gagan’s account. I will give you permission to hack my account, but I can’t give permissions for other hacking other’s accounts. This shows Mr. Gagan have doubt about his website and was afraid of Mr. Sharma’s Challenge.

For further discussion Mr. Shakeel Ahmed (IT Minister of India) came and he told that he is not a technical person, but he will definitely do well for people’s of his country with his technical team… In short, none of our money is safe until and unless, online security vulnerabilities are not removed completely. In order to know more about Mr. Sharma’s research activities and services please go through []

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