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Rules of Monetary Success You Should Know (Half 2)

The Principle and Configuration of a Virtual Leased Line (VLL) Network

Principles of Financial Success You Must Know (Part 2)

Every businessman who wants to succeed in his chosen sphere must be prepared to abide by the rules that govern his domain otherwise success would be impossible. To make it therefore, you need to follow the principles that take you by the hand to desired destination

1. Don’t part with your income when not sure of success: Income is very hard to earn and easy to lose. You must never invest your money in any business where you are not sure of success. Even if the business is large you must be sure that the managers are professionals who would manage your money well and never lose it.

2. Provide what people want: There are certain items people are willing to spend their moneys to get irrespective of economic meltdown. Look for those things and provide them to people who are willing to pay for them. For example, people need expensive phones, information, health care, decent food, expensive jewelry, etc. It is the need of the people that actually keeps you in business; so providing what people don’t need would quickly push you out of business or get you frustrated.

3. Let your money work for you: You may not have all it takes to be a business guru but you could make your money work for you while you have all the time in the world to take care of other essential things of life. If you invest your moneys in stocks, bonds and real estate, you make other people (professionals) work with the money and get dividends at the end of each year without actually struggling.

4. Build good business relationship: You have established a business; you need to build a very good relationship with your customers that would ensure they keep coming back to you. Give them that extra care – Make phone calls to inquire about their health, family, business, etc. Try to know their names and address them by their name each time you call them or send them an e-mail. Customers feel very important when you know and address them by their names.

5. Apply the platinum rule: The platinum rule of business simply says that you should treat customers the way they wish to be treated. Everyone wants to be important and valued. There are customers who would want you to treat them as very important personalities. Know how to make your customers feel good and relaxed each time they come to you. Give them chairs to sit, newspaper to relax or a bottle of soft drink to cool off while you are still attending to others.

6. Build and maintain your integrity: The greatest thing in life is the ability of others to trust you. Your customers should see you as an honest person; not someone who is out to cheat them in order to quickly enrich himself/herself. They should be able to trust your products as well.

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