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Well-known Monsters: 8 Monsters of Africa

Famous Monsters: 8 Monsters of Africa

Africa is a continent unlike any other. It’s creatures are vast from size to just plain ugly. The monsters are scary.

We have covered the monsters of Europe and The Americas in the past few weeks, we now move onto the continent of Africa where the monsters aren’t just real, their vicious.

Olitiau – Cameroon – This monster is a giant black bat that hangs around the mountain areas of Cameroon. It’s wings haves an 12 ft wing span. There have been many sightings of this monster, but no one have ever captured it.

Sehites – Ivory Coast – These small, red humans that can resemble that of a gnome or troll. There are no pictures ever taken of a Sehites. A Sehites is one of the most rare of monsters to ever inhabit the planet Earth. It is said that if you look at a Sehites your life will end very soon and that is what happened to all of the victims of the people who seen the Sehites.

Kongamatu – Jiundu Swamp – Just like the Olitiau, this monster is a large black bat that some who have seen it resemble a pterodactyl. The Kongamatu would attack villagers at night, so the villagers had the Shaman chant a charm on bark and placed it around the village to ward off the Kongamatu. As to sighting this monster has been many many times and has even been captured.

Agogwe – Tanzania – Can the Agogwe be what some scientists claim to be pre-human. This may be what us humans looked like before we “supposedly” evolved. The Agogwe can be sighted every once in a while. It is said that they became extinct within the last 60 years. This extinction could be false as the sightings for these small red haired humanoids keep increasing throughout the years.

Roc – Madagascar – This legendary large ferocious bird is a true monster. There are stories of sailors getting their ships destroyed and having the crew being eaten alive by the Roc. Roc may as well be the most famous monster from Africa. It goes by many names, one of the most familiar of names is Elephant Bird and Flightless Fowl.

Nandi Bears – Great Rift Valley – Talk about ugly, these bears aren’t just ugly, they are vicious. These monsters have incredible speed and strength. There’s a saying that goes with Nandi Bears, “See One Run.” Nandi Bears can rip through a human skull with one blow of its claws.

Dwarfish Bears – Er Rif – There are no known pictures of the Dwarfish Bears. These Bears are short and fat with big claws. There’s not much information on these bears. They are a new find to the inhabitants of the continent of Africa.

Mokele-Mbemb – Likouala Swamp – A dinosaur may still roam the swamps of Africa. The beauty about Africa is that there are many parts of that continent that is still hidden from the human eye. The Likouala Swamp is one of them, this swamp is a very dangerous swamp to explore and it has not been explored to its fullest. The Mokele-Mbemb is a dinosaur like creature with large claws and very long neck. It has sharp teeth and is said to be a carnivore.

Unlike the other continents, Africa is still mysterious and the monsters of that continent could in fact be real. If this is true then Africa may be the safest place for all the extinct monsters of the world to live.

Do you think any of these monsters could still be around?

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