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Your Guide to Effective WordPress Customization

While WordPress is an excellent portal to create template based web pages and blogs, it also offers sufficient opportunities for designers to incorporate certain customized elements which enhance the existing functionality or aesthetics of your pages. These custom elements, also known as ‘hacks’ in slang help your pages stand out among the rest which most likely also follow the same scheme as templates as you do. Additionally, they enable features and elements which allow you to further engage with your audience in a way you would like to.

The best thing about WordPress customization is that you do not necessarily need to help of an expert to integrate your pages with these features. In most cases all you need is access to the relevant codes which you can paste and make available to your viewers.

You can incorporate features such as rotating images, innovative headers, social bookmarking tabs, background music, random background images etc.

Here is a list of some the most popular WordPress Customization hacks you may want to get for your pages.

1. Random Headers – This hack can be used very innovatively since it lets you change the images in the banner of your header randomly depending on the specifications you provide. You can do wonders to your branding by allowing viewers to see new images every time they refresh the page.

2. Other Randomization’s – Similarly you can also execute hacks to randomize your background image and the quotes in the sub-header of your templates.

3. Scrolling text Effects – You can integrate some great scrolling text effects and combine them with other effects to give your website a little spike.

4. One can also organize the content on the WordPress web pages by employing this hack which allows you to incorporate + / – signs against your content allowing users to expand the collapse posts and efficiently reading posts they find interesting.

5. A very important feature many people choose to add is a ‘ratings tab’ which allows brands and websites to get immediate feedback on content as well as products on services.

6. Another interesting feature you cannot ignore is the G-talk tab that can be custom added into the sidebar of your web pages. This enables immediate engagement with users and the ability to directly interact with your audiences.

7. Adding a simple hack which helps segregate your tabs is an excellent way to implement a functional WordPress Customization project. Even incorporating tabs in the form of menu’s or adding ‘Rear More..’ buttons at the end of a summary or an excerpt is sufficient to organize your website.

8. You can make your WordPress blog page look more like a website by adding a horizontal navigation hack which simplifies travel between pages for your users and enables you to share more information with them. The information architecture of your entire blog or website will evolve with this feature.

There are a million other hacks one can integrate while undergoing a WordPress Customization project, it is important to remember to use only those which will truly benefit your website and not get carried away with all the possibilities which result in a complicated and not so user-friendly portal.

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