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Web Design and Development Are Not Same

Designer and developer are the two words that come in your mind when you are looking for someone to build your website. People feel that they are the same thing; these two words are used almost interchangeably. But there is a huge difference between the two and it matters when you look at the work you want to do.

Website design is simply the look and feel of the website; it includes the layout, graphics, buttons, logos, typography etc. it is the visual thing you need to decide before getting your hands messed up with the coding. You need to hire professional website designers to design the layout of your website for you. Some of the designers create the web layouts as image files, and then outsource the coding to the third parties. It is not that website designing does not mean building websites, it is really important to carry out the designing process but strictly speaking it does not include the coding part without which a web design is just a layout.

Website development is the technical side of website creation. It is the coding and scripting of the site which makes the grumble work for the visitors. It makes things like shopping carts, payment processes, subscriptions, content uploading etc. the web developers have the skills to build bespoke applications or software to work on your website (like CRM tools, content management system etc). The code friendly designers can create the functionality of the website along with the visual site of the site. You cannot choose the better option out of the both, as website design and development both are crucial for the success of the website. Pure designers have very little website designing experience, and if you ask them to make the website functional then it would be like fixing the car by focusing on the paintwork. If you want a site to generate heavy traffic and process payment then you would have to work with both designer and developer. And if you require just a static website with few pages, then it hardly matters, if you hire an inexperience developer.


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