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Web Advertising Instruments – AdSense Monitor and Amazon Associates Monitor

Internet Marketing tools – AdSense Monitor and Amazon Associates Monitor

Google AdSense and Amazon Associates are two popular programs for website publishers where you can earn some money without having to create or sell anything physical. All you have to do is to place few lines of code at desired locations. Whenever visitor clicks the ad (AdSense) or buy some product (Amazon) you get paid. For some bloggers and website owners this money is additional income to cover hosting costs while for others Amazon and AdSense represent main income.

Both programs have a dedicated website where you can monitor statistics and check earnings. Some dedicated webmasters log in few times a day just to check earnings. While this is not something bad, it takes time and you need to check more than one page to get all the data. Because of this problem there are some tools that automate this task. So called monitors download data from original web pages and create various reports. A common drawback of such monitors is that they are either only available for one platform (Windows, Mac or Linux), they have limited reports or support only one program (usually only Google AdSense).

Wouldn’t it be good if there was a monitor that would work on all popular platforms, would support both AdSense and Amazon Associates (including local Amazon stores if possible) and create compact but informative reports and charts to easily monitor essential parameters including earnings? Luckily, there is such tool. It is called TinyMonitor and has all mentioned features. It is a PHP application that works with any web server, either commercial hosting or local Apache installation (one of popular AMP packages – Apache – PHP – MySQL). Since all internet marketers already use at least one web hosting, installing and using TinyMonitor is not a problem. Of course, installing AMP package is also trivial in most cases. And there is an additional benefit of having web monitor. It can be made accessible from anywhere. Instead of logging into many accounts you only check your TinyMonitor page. Simple and effective.

AdSense monitor comes very handy since it provides all the data you need to know about your account, statistics and current earnings. Similarly, Amazon associates monitor displays all the data regarding tracking IDs, ordered and shipped products, fees and earnings. Having all the information on a single webpage is a big advantage. In addition to many configurable reports and charts, TinyMonitor also generates RSS feeds. This makes it possible to monitor earnings also in your favorite feed reader. TinyMonitor is not free, but for if you are a serious internet marketer you should have no problem investing into a professional AdSense/Amazon monitor.

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