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Photo voltaic Energy-Renewable Power for Energy Technology

Solar Power-Renewable Energy for Power Generation

Solar Power System

Electricity is one of the most essential needs for human in the present. With ever increasing concerns on energy security and environmental issues, utilization of renewable energy generation has gain rapid development and global acceptance over the past few decades.

Now a day renewable energy has become a trend to get utilized due to the pollution free generation and reduce the global warming effect in the atmosphere.

Due to reliability and free source the solar power generation has become the most power renewable source of energy and is to get utilized for the power generation. Some of the use and benefits of solar power is highlighted here and also the information about the solar power is discussed over here.

A. About the system

About solar power system

The solar Photo Voltaic Power generation system (Power pack) is a high efficient, modular, extendable and cost effective power generation solution. The system is highly efficient and maintenance free with one-time investment. The Solar Power System provides the prudent way of managing the energy costs in an eco-friendly way. The savings in energy costs will help the personal consumer to directly benefit and contributing to their financial support.

The List of components used in this system is listed below.

Solar PV Modules: The sun light (solar radiation) falling on the modules is converted in to DC energy by photovoltaic principle. The generated by solar modules can either be used to supply the power to the connected load or to charge the battery bank.

PV Inverter: PV Inverter is used to the system consisting of Alternate Current (AC) synchronization functionality.

Module mounting structure(MMS): MMS is the structure to mount the solar PV modules with specified angle depending on the location where the system to be mounted. The tilting will vary depending on the longitude and latitude of the location.

B. Salient Features and Benefits of System

  1. A clean, silent and eco-friendly source of power
  2. Solar modules convert sunlight into electricity without pollution
  3. Zero maintenance as there are no moving parts and maximum reliability
  4. Long life span of solar modules
  5. Modular design and easily expandable
  6. Simple installation: can be mounted on roof top or ground
  7. Available throughout the year

C. Applications

The system is ideal for industries and institutions where the energy usage is maximum during the sunlight hours. These include manufacturing companies, Software development Centres, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Fuel Pump stations, R&D Centres, Transmission, Railways and Communication towers and many more applications.

System working principle

Solar photovoltaic (PV) system is like any other electrical power generation systems in terms of the output except for the source of the power are solar radiation. The conversion of solar radiation to the electrical power is based on the photovoltaic principles. However, the principles of operation of the connected load and interfacing with other electrical systems remain the same. Since solar PV array generates electric power when it is directly under the effect of sunlight, many of other components are also required to properly conduct, control, convert, distribute, and transform the energy generated by the array.

Solar power generating system supplied from any plant or project shall be utilized for powering various commercial as well as residential loads like heavy machinery, mills, Computer, Lighting loads, fans etc. for specified hours of sun shine operation.

solar electricity

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