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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Liquid Garden Fertilizer

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

We are generally aware about the various dry forms of fertilizers available in the market. It is also well known that lawns that are regularly provided with fertilizers are long lasting and better in condition. Now days, a new type of lawn fertilizer is available in the market that has taken all by surprise. This liquid lawn fertilizer is easy to handle and can be easily applied at the needed places. However, this fertilizer is day by day becoming one of the most demanded gardening items, but be sure to collect relative information about it and its forms.

Advantages of Liquid Fertilizers

As stated, the liquid fertilizers can be easily applied and show quicker responses as compared to the other general fertilizers available. Some of the advantages offered by this fertilizer include-

· The application process is hassle free as it does not involve any technical aspects of applying.

· It s available in spray form, and thus can be easily and evenly spray able on the lawn. It can also be applied on unevenly shaped lawns and reduces the risk of getting burnt.

· The most effective aspect of the liquid fertilizer is that it has a magical immediate effect on the lawn. The grass, leaves, roots, etc. receive the nutrients at one go and respond in a healthy manner.

· Apart from making the lawn nutritive, the fertilizer also consists of effective measures to get rid off weeds and other unwanted plants.

· It does not allow the shrubs, trees, etc. to undergo excessive growth and provides the lawn with a dark green color.

Disadvantages of Liquid Fertilizers

Although these types of lawn fertilizers impart a number of positive impacts, one should also learn about some of its ill-effects on lawn conditions. Some of the disadvantages include-

· The fertilizer is easy to use but is very expensive as compared to the other fertilizers available in the market.

· Since the effect of such fertilizers is immediate, it is essential to apply it at regular intervals. In case, you own a large lawn, you may end up spending a lot more as the lawn require regular spraying this form of fertilizer.

· It is necessary to buy a hose for proper application of the fertilizer. Hose is an important component that should be attached to the bottle containing fertilizer for spraying effectively.

Organic Vs Synthetic Forms

Comparatively, one may find that the liquid lawn fertilizer consists of a high degree of pros and thus it will be relatively easier for the gardener to deal with its negative aspects. The liquid form of fertilizer is available in organic and synthetic form. The organic liquid fertilizer is derived from natural resources like plant and animal. Contrarily, synthetic form is not derived from nature but derives fast results. The organic fertilizers are more advantageous as well as effectual and ensure long term advantages than the synthetic form. For better understanding, it is advisable to collect information about these two types of liquid fertilizers and choose the most optimum one.

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