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Soiled, Rotten, Filthy Natural Backyard Fertilizer – The Fact – Vol 1

Dirty, Rotten, Filthy Organic Garden Fertilizer – The Truth – Vol 1

Can you handle the truth, about organic gardening fertilizer? Of course you can. Hello my wonderful gardening chums, it’s Mrs. Beatrix Potts your, “Organic Garden Maven.” And you of course are a vegetable gardening aficionado, why else would you be reading these illuminating words of wisdom? And that puts you in very special company.

Today we’re going to explore a most breathtaking issue, that of organic garden fertilizer. That’s right, in this article and in the series of articles that follow we will be discussing the wonderful world of organic compost. Oh, I know some of you will be saying, “Be still my throbbing heart.” I know that you will agree with me when I say that this is just so exciting.

As you know I always feel it’s important to let you know what’s coming up. So in that spirit I want you to know that in this article and the next two articles you and I are going to be taking an in-depth look at the Myths, Misconceptions and Mistakes about organic gardening fertilizer. I need not tell you that compost, and by that I mean the ‘quality and correct’ organic compost, is probably the most important element for your successful organic vegetable garden.

As you well know Mrs. Potts is a renowned and, I blush to say world-famous, writer on the subject of vegetable gardening. What you may not be aware of is that Mr. Melvin Potts, wonderful spouse of 30 years, is one of the world’s leading experts in Organic Garden Compost. And just to put this in perspective he is known as, “Mr. Organic Garden Compost Man.” Isn’t that just so cute? And isn’t it wonderful you get me, and Melvin Potts the courageous and effervescent “Compost Man” all in this important series of breakthrough articles about the fascinating subject of Organic Gardening Compost.

On with the show. So, let’s look at the title of our article to begin with. You may think that the title of this article and our series is flashy, over-the-top, and even a little bit of hype. You know very well that Mrs. Beatrix Potts never overstates her case for vegetable gardening. Your correspondent has it on good authority that the most important element in having an article read and be appreciated by wonderful readers, like you, is the title. (A very famous person sent a personal e-mail explaining all of this to your faithful correspondent.)

So let’s examine that title. Is compost dirty? Most organic gardening compost is not even composed of dirt, it is composed of vegetable matter that will be and has been broken down by microbes, nematodes and the most ‘uncommon’ earthworm. So we must conclude that there is no ‘dirt’ involved in organic gardening compost.

Is organic garden fertilizer filthy? Filthy implies a degree of decay. Organic compost can be accurately described as fermented, and most certainly decomposed, but never, ever would we describe it as rotten.

Ah, filthy. We find that filthy is a pejorative term that denotes foul and disgusting and were you to use ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ on us we would never in a million years describe organic fertilizer as neither disgusting nor foul.

So yes, my dear vegetable gardening chums, the headline was simply a slightly deceitful device to get you to read this extremely informative and important article concerning Organic Garden Fertilizer. After all, this article is invaluable to your gardening efforts. And you know that Beatrix Potts is loathe to exaggerate.

The first misconception were going to deal with is that you can put anything in your compost. This is far, far from the truth and is totally contradictory to what you want to be including in your organic vegetable fertilizer.

Well, your faithful, “Organic Garden Maven” Beatrix Potter has, unfortunately run out of space, much to your chagrin.

Until next time I wish you, “Happy Gardening.” Your faithful servant and gardening buddy.

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