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Solar Power Lighting – Extensive Use of Solar Energy


Solar energy is extensive in its use; among its numerous uses is outdoor lighting and use in powering street lights. Since solar energy use started becoming popular, some alternative energy companies have become well known in manufacturing solar street lights and other outdoor solar power lighting.

Usually, the solar street lights do not require any wiring or trenching; they are generally mounted on uniquely designed galvanized poles that have been created to stay for a longer period of time, and at the same time withstand any weather and environmental unfavourable conditions.

Solar power lighting can also be applied to park lights, pathway lights, billboard lighting, sign lighting, transit shelters, municipal lighting, streetlamp, road lights, solar light poles as well as security lighting.

The use of solar power lighting is very wide; in addition to the ones listed above, other uses include Dock lighting, parking lot lighting, transit lighting, military/civil security and many others. Since there is no need of trenching or installing underground wire, solar street lighting is an economical lighting system option; little wonder why many countries are almost replacing the conventional street lights with the solar powered ones.

The kits for solar street lighting systems installation are usually included in the package, but do not usually include the mounting pole. A good number of them have been designed to allow for easy installation. They feature effective microprocessor that automatically comes into activation at the rising and setting of the sun. Another component of the solar street lighting system is built-in timer which controls the duration that the light stays on, and at the same time regulates the battery to keep it from excessive charging as well as discharging. Most of these systems can function for 72 hours in the absence of sunlight (especially on those cloudy days).

Green renewable energy from the sun also provides lighting systems for the street using effective Led lights. Just a small portion of power is needed when using Led fixtures to generate the same measure of light intensity as that of an incandescent bulb.

Advantages of Solar Power Lighting – Solar Street Light

– Wiring is not needed – as a result, installation is easy

– It is easy to move the gadget, and you don’t have to depend on the utility company to have them installed

– Sophisticated technology; as a result, it is difficult to vandalize as theft/vandal-resistant features have been incorporated into them. Also, the parts are not corrosive.

– The cost of installation is quite low

– You can move them to the location where they are needed in the shortest time possible and with much ease.

– You don’t need to run wire from the grid

– Maintenance cost is not required

– Utility bill is not required

– They last for decades

– The batteries do not require any maintenance.

Solar energy has made power generation a whole lot easier and steady; and the wonderful thing is that they have wide and versatile usage to meet any electric energy need.



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