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Incorporating 2010 Lighting Trends in Smaller Budgets & Spaces

2010 is the season to flaunt your taste in aesthetic and luxury lighting. Utility is an inevitable criteria, but the coming year is sure to see more lavish and grander tastes in the area of decorative lighting. But for most of us, who have already invested in their lighting installations and are not planning remodeling in near future, there are easier options to incorporate the decorative lighting trends for 2010. Lack of space and budgets is a common issue that comes in way of buying a trendy accessory. So here is a list of the trends for 2010 and tips and suggestions to how to manage to bring home some of these accessories that define the 2010 decorative lighting scene.

Popular Fixtures

The trends for 2010 are not just functional. They bent is more towards other aspects. One of them happens to be style. Good looking stylish fixtures are the trend for 2010. the popular fixtures governing the trends for 2010 will be:

  • Deep Metal Tones: Deep metal tones with a rustic look and classic appeal will the preferred over traditional styles. Elegance will be the only undertone for lighter accessories. Otherwise the focus for 2010 will be on unique and dramatic lighting.
  • Pendant Lamps & Hidden Track lights: Pendant lights have caught up as 2009 trends and will continue for 2010 as well. Track lights have been there for quite some time now but hidden track lights will also be seen in the coming year. Decorative patterns, dancing lights diffused from eyelets and shaded lighting are some of the more known patterns in hidden track lights.
  • Wall sconces: Wall lighting have gained popularity because of the less n less spaces available. But since the trends for 2010 are not humble. The idea is to go for a vintage look or a very high tech look for your wall lighting. Moderation is to be given a complete miss this year. Dramatic, decorative wall sconces are easily available. Different colors and designs are available to choose the one that will make it a perfect mood for your room.
  • Elaborate chandelets: Glass chandelets, small beaded chandeliers, candle chandeliers, etc, etc. Choose the one that suits your room decor. But make sure you have one for the season. If you think your room is too small for even chandelets, get a bunch of mini-chandeliers that will add sparkling beauty to your space. Elaborate designs will be a part of the mini creations as well.

Eco friendly lighting

The trends for 2010 will also be inclined towards energy efficient lighting. Take what you can work with easily. Being a part of the Green lighting movement is sure to add to your status.

  • Solar lighting: Solar garden lights are now popular enough and come in a variety of designs such as pole lamps, stone lights, wall lights and others. All an eco friendly touch to your gardens and make it most natural patch of your living space. What is hopeful of making news is the indoor solar fittings. Though they are easy to install indoors, the kits will be a bit expensive. But it will be easily offset by your reduced electricity bills. Make sure the spot you choose is free of shade caused by buildings or trees for most if not all of the day.
  • Wood Lighting Fixtures: Buy simple everyday decorative lighting fixtures like bamboo lamp designs, bamboo lamp shades, or teak lanterns and lampshades that will be bring home a natural touch. Also look for eco friendly lamps and fixtures that are made of recycled materials.
  • CFL: If you cannot do much to incorporate the eco light options, at least change to CFL bulbs.

Antique Lighting

Fixtures that have elaborate designs and antique hues to them are flavor of 2010. Its about rich, yet chic styles specially chosen to complement the room decor. Dark tones, complicated designs, and durable and strong materials will be seen majorly. Chandeliers are the most commonly understood and seen antique lighting fixtures, but there other lighting accessories and fixtures that qualify as antiques and are perfect additions to a small room. Antique wall sconces, lamps, lamp shades, antique oil burners are some of the antique picks that will gradually pick up as the year progresses. Black metal hurricane lamps and rustic lanterns are some other antique looking decorative lighting that are classic additions for all kinds of rooms.

Unique designs

Finally the unique lighting fixtures, uncommon shapes and designs are catching up with those who have an eye for aesthetics. Portable table lights, hand painted stained glass lamp shades, bottle crafted hanging light shades; creativity and uniqueness is the mantra. You can also make a lot of creative lighting accessories from recycled materials and easily available trash at home like aluminum lanterns, handmade paper lampshades. Amongst the buys, always look out for different stuff, crazy designs, bold color blends, new regional arts and new launches.


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