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What Types of Garden Lights Are Available?

Adding garden lights to an outdoor space can be a fantastic investment for a number of reasons, increased security, extending the amount of time the garden or yard can be enjoyed each day, and the added ambiance that illumination adds to any space. Determining the right type of garden lights to use for a particular purpose doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing if there’s an understanding of what’s available and the benefits of each lighting type.

Outdoor garden lights available today include lanterns, outdoor garden lights, decorative garden lighting, deck lighting, and many different types of solar powered lights. Each type has different benefits and uses to consider.

Outdoor lanterns are a fairly inexpensive hanging light fixtures that give a yard a soft, warm glow. They are usually gas powered so they must be filled with fuel on a regular basis, which makes them a bit more high maintenance than other options.

Outdoor garden lighting is more expensive than other types currently available, however they are also the most versatile. This type of lighting includes adjustable spotlights, low-voltage outdoor lights and colored lights. While more challenging to install, they can be placed on timers; and if installed by a lighting expert, they can really make the most of the yards features.

Decorative garden lighting, otherwise known as rope lighting. This is a quick and easy way to dress up a yard or garden. Rope lights are actually a chain of LED lights inside a plastic tube that protects the lights from the weather.

Deck lighting is used to enhance the look of the deck and surrounding yard. A wide variety of systems are available ranging from post cap lights to inset lights that will also provide an added safety feature so that steps and deck edges can be seen in the dark.

Solar garden lights are becoming increasingly popular with the desire to make green choices and save energy. Solar garden lights are available for just any use. They contain small solar panels that charge in the daylight and when it gets dark enough they automatically switch themselves on and use the energy gathered throughout the day.


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