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Seo With Search Engine Optimization Hosting

Search engine optimization is hottest topic on internet for every webmaster. Large number of seo companies are offering their services for webmasters but still results can not be guaranteed by any one. Taking this point into consideration webmasters hesitate to pay huge fees to search engine optimization companies. For this most of the webmaster try to improve their website rankings on their own and other go for cheap so packages which in the end result in scams.

What this seo is and why most of the webmasters fail to achieve targets on their own? Answer is in the basic rules of seo which are derived by search engines and keep changing from time to time. However seo gurus have succeeded to draw some basic guidelines for webmasters. According to them search engine rank websites on the basis of backlinks. As a step forward, quality of these links also matter a lot.

Next thing that comes into mind is how to grab quality backlinks for our websites and who will decide their quality. For this major search engines like Google are very clear about selling of links. After dropping this option what chances remain for a webmaster to get backlinks from good websites? Taking this into mind seo specialists have introduced seo web hosting for webmasters.

Lets take a look into seo hosting and its impact on search engine rankings. seo hosting is basically a type of web hosting offering multiple c class IPs. Every person who has idea of IPs knows that IP consists of 4 blocks just like any telephone number. Here third block is known as C block and it represents the location of websites hosting.

When we get web hosing with different c class IPs and make a cluster of quality websites on it search engines treat each of the website as independent identity. Normally focus of companies remains on c class but some seo hosting companies have managed their data centers in different locations which really helps it to make websites of different areas.

Here a question comes into mind, why this heck is needed when one can make cluster of quality websites on same hosting as addon domains? Ok, your logic can be good but this is why we call multiple IP hosting as seo hosting. Search engines especially Google does not give importance to backlinks coming from same website and also websites which are hosted on same IP address. They take these websites as of same person so link juice never passes to main website.

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