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Search Engine Optimization Advertising and marketing & Rankings is All About Testing & Reverse Engineering

Search Engine Optimization Marketing & Rankings is All About Testing & Reverse Engineering

Search Engine Optimization Marketing & Rankings is All About Testing & Reverse Engineering

Press Releases as a Means of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – seo can be simply said to be a case and matter of improving the placement of a given site in search engine results. It’s a question of getting onto page one or at the very worst at the top of page two.

At this point in time, in the year of 2009, Goggle is king. If you rank well on the Goggle search engine product you will cover the most amount of bases – you will cover the largest group of potential customers and traffic. Further what works for Goggle in seo will usually work for the two remaining market leaders – Yahoo and the Microsoft MSN or now Microsoft “Live Search” search engine product.

It’s always a matter of “cat and mouse” when it comes to Search Engine Optimization tactics and procedures. What worked last year or even last week may well have been identified by other marketers, overused and denigrated and reduced in apparent value by Goggle or other search engines. The question becomes – is the specific tactic effective at the current time? Is it worth the effort and expense?? If so – will it have the same effect in the near future?

In most cases it’s a matter of trial, test, retest and reverse engineering. It a question of evaluating what works – both with your sites and your competitors as well. What works? What does not work? It may only not be a matter of what your competitors are doing for results, but rather perhaps “What are they not doing?”

For example you may be beating your brains out doing some specific task – be it to create links, or working to increase page saturation with a given keyword term. Upon your work and examination you may well find it that it is a matter of not what your competitor is doing as compared to your specific work efforts and results. Rather it may well that he is not performing or accomplishing a given tactic or strategy. You may well be focusing on a certain set of keywords – that are important in the given field or industry. This can be a lot of effort and hard work on a consistent basis by you. Yet no matter what you do you cannot seem to rank in that marketing area. What are your competitor doing that they rank and you can never seem to?

Upon examination and reverse engineering of the efforts and links of your competitor (who seem to both easily and consistently rank), you may simply discover that your friendly rival or perhaps you might consider even an adversary may simply not be working that specific marketing area or target focus. This could be accidental on their part or even planned. It may well be that this accomplished search engine placement marketer may well learned their lesson well from this same discipline of reverse engineering of theirs or others evidence and results. After all in the final results the accomplishments are always in the pudding.

Remember in the end it’s not about ego. It’s about placement in the search engine results? What works and what does not? Test and retest. Evaluate and re-engineer. After all it can be said that one thing about your competitors is that while it cannot be always said that they are smarter than you, one thing that you can be sure of is that they have been in the marketplace a lot longer than you. Use their efforts and expertise to your benefit. Reverse engineer and test search engine results thoroughly.

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