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Schneider circuit breakers and switches

Schneider circuit breakers and switches

Schneider is considered One of the largest international companies specialized in the manufacture of electrical products, As it is a large and pioneering company with many branches in many countries around the world, Where it managed to make a big name for it and trusted by millions of customers, It offers unbeatable or competitive high quality products at excellent prices.

اسعار قواطع و مفاتيح شنايدرSchneider circuit breakers and switches



Schneider offers Many products, whether related to electrical switches or automatic circuit breakers, The prices were as follows:


  • The price of a 16 amp Schneider electric circuit breaker starts from 85 EGP.
  • Schneider electric switch, triple circuit breaker, with a power of 63 watts, and its price is about 550 EGP.
  • A Schneider electric three-way contact switch with a power of 50 amps, its price is about 1750 EGP.
  • The price of the Schneider electric switch, ground leakage, with a power of 30 and 40 amps, starts from 1140 EGP.
  • A German 24 hour timer key, its price starts from 750 EGP.



The most important Schneider products in the market

After knowing the prices of Schneiderman circuit breakers and switches, it is possible to talk about the products offered by this giant company in the field of electricity and electrical goods, such as switches and circuit breakers, Among the most important and popular of these products are the following:


  • The company offers a variety of electronic switchgear.
  • Schneider offers switches for circuit breakers.
  • Schneider electrical panels are available in a variety of sizes.
  • The company has panels for operating factory machines.
  • Schneider Corporation produces panels for electric current control.
  • Biggest Products The company offers electric elevators, It is used in large projects, especially commercial malls, major airports, commercial markets, and large economic institutions.
  • The company proudly presents its production of escalators that are used in commercial malls and supermarkets.
  • Schneider produces electrical appliances of many types.


Schneider products features _


Talking about the prices of Schneider circuit breakers and switches should move us to address the specifications and characteristics of the products of this large company, Which distinguishes what it offers from the products of any other competing company and pushes customers to choose what it offers with a great deal of confidence and security, Due to the many advantages available in these products, Its most important features are:

Schneider circuit breakers and switches

  • The Schneider name is a distinctive brand of its products, giving it an assurance of accuracy, quality and safety.
  • The company provides all spare parts for its products. Which gives a sense of security when any problems or malfunctions occur.
  • The company provides excellent after-sales service.
  • The company provides many maintenance centers distinguished by accuracy and efficiency, and the presence of technicians who have the ability to deal with all problems and malfunctions quickly and skillfully.
  • A follow-up service is available for the company’s products after they are sold and to ensure that they are working efficiently.

Customers can easily purchase Schneider products, Where the products are available in many places and exhibitions, Which makes its products available and available to everyone, The catalog of these products can be found at here .

Schneider circuit breakers and switches

  • The products are of high quality and reasonable prices
  • Compared to high quality.
  • The company’s products can be obtained
  • great discounts and deals, Where customers can take advantage of the offers it offers
  • Websites specialized in shopping.


The company advises customers to follow the discounts offered by online shopping sites for its products, Where discounts often reach 50%, as the company is keen to gain the trust and satisfaction of its customers, Therefore, it offers products of the highest accuracy and quality that comply with international standards in manufacturing, It is also keen to provide maintenance centers and after-sales services, Which provides convenience to customers.


We have provided you with the prices of Schneider circuit breakers and switches offered by this leading company in the field of electrical goods and products. It offers switches, circuit breakers and many electrical products at great prices, It is also keen to provide a lot of services to customers to gain their satisfaction and confidence, and therefore it has a prominent and stable place in the market.

Schneider electrical products price list in Egypt 2022

Schneider has imposed its name in the Arab and European community, so we will display the prices of Schneider products Specialized in transformers, regulations, and all electrical necessities, since it’s a pioneer in those tools, As it has been keen to expand its branches everywhere with its excellence, excellence and proficiency in work, It also works on perfecting accuracy and quality.


Schneider circuit breakers and switches

Schneider products prices

The company offers many important products in the medium, which are electrical goods, like electrical regulations, Escalators and elevators, and circuit breakers, so we understand the importance of everyone knowing the prices of Schneider products

Products Features

The products of this company are characterized by many features that make them demand a lot and interest in knowing the prices of Schneider products, so we will present some of them:

  • It works to provide original spare parts.
  • give you a guarantee for the piece you take, Until it deals with you to ensure its efficiency.
  • It can reach its services easily and conveniently due to the expansion of its presence in all governorates.
  • Prices are affordable.
  • It is of high quality.
  • Dealing with many electronic markets, Which gives you discounts of up to 50%.

Schneider products price

We will show you some of the prices of Schneider products as follows:

  • Price 85 EGP for a 16 amp breaker switch.
  • The price is 1140 Egyptian pounds for a 30 mm earth leakage switch, 40 amps.
  • The price of 1750 Egyptian pounds is the 50-amp triple contactor.
  • The price is 550 EGP. Triple cutter 63 watts.
  • 750 EGP for a 24 hour German timer.
  • 299 Egyptian pounds for an electric keyboard.
  • EGP 666 White USB cable.
  • 444 Egyptian pounds for a triple cutter.
  • 795 EGP Schneider Electric Star Data Timer.
  • 750 Egyptian pounds, three levels of solar energy.
  • 95 Egyptian pounds, 24 volt circuit breaker, 6 amps.
  • 610 EGP Contactor 3 phases, 18 amps, 220 volts.
  • 660 EGP Double safety key to protect children and family.
  • 21 EGP emergency push button, 600 volts, 3 amps.
  • 799 EGP, Motion sensor bit.
  • 173 EGP Mono 63 amp circuit breaker.
  • 80 EGP Egyptian mono circuit breaker 40 amp.

Schneider circuit breakers and switches

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