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Running a blog Your Strategy to Higher Search Engine Optimisation

Blogging Your Way to Better Search Engine Optimisation

The blog, originally called a ‘weblog’, provides a fantastic way to inform, educate, and of course entertain people on a variety of subjects. But if you have expertise in a particular field, blogging can provide an excellent and natural way to improve your website’s search engine optimisation, whether it is a business, charity or personal website.

By creating interesting and useful content for your readers, and including back links to your website, you will, over time, improve your ranking on the major search engines. But as various search engines have documented, there are an eye boggling number of blogs available – well over 100 million as of 2008. So how do you make your offering stand out from the many blogs out there?

Bloggers use a plethora of ways to help their blog catch the eye of the passing reader, but the most crucial factor is providing information that is useful – so it’s a good idea to create an intriguing headline based on your knowledge each time you create a blog entry. Why not grab your reader’s attention with a question that your entry proposes to answer? Another effective technique is using lists, for example, 10 Effective Ways to Better Search Engine Optimisation.

Yet another popular method is simply making a controversial statement which is bound to rile a few readers, and maybe even get your blog link sent around. The more interest and traffic visiting your blog, the higher the percentage of visitors back to your website. Equally, the more relevant your blog entries are to the content on your website, the higher search engines will place your site for certain search terms.

It’s not only gripping copy that can keep readers on your blog – there are a number of other eye catching ways to entertain. Adding a relevant video, known as a VLOG when it is the main feature of a blog, is a great way to attract attention to your area of expertise. Similarly, photos, sketches and music have all been used to great effect by bloggers the world over. And if other bloggers add you to their favourite list, this will automatically link back to their blog, thereby boosting your status.

Choosing a host for your blog can be a little bewildering, as a large number of companies offer such services. But once you have selected the kind of blog you want to create, be it video, graphic, or simply text based, you’re sure to find the ideal provider after a brief search.

When a blog is created with care by someone who has a genuine interest or knowledge of a subject, or who has thoroughly researched a particular area, it can generate valuable traffic for your website, because it will be read by people who already have an interest in your field. By generating content which is useful and not sales-like, you gain the trust of your reader, before gently nudging them towards your quality product, service or cause. Blogs are a great way to hone your own writing skills and provide a cost free, fun route to better search engine optimisation.

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