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Study Search Engine Optimization – The 5 Step Information

Learn Search Engine Optimization – The 5 Step Guide

While many people understand the importance to learn search engine optimization, many business owners often find the process of learning seo very complicated. The truth is that seo should not be thought of as some sort of technical minefield, waiting to trip you up at every opportunity. Instead, seo should be thought of as your next natural step in your marketing strategy. Basic seo can be broken down into 5 main points.

They are:

Market Research, Keyword Research/Analysis, Web Page Optimization, Website Structure and link building. To start with, it is imperative that you know how competitive your marketplace is. Research leading search engines such Google and Bing and see what sites are ranking highly for relevant keywords.

The next step is to research and analyze your own keywords and look for what people in your industry are searching for. There are a number of very good keyword research tools out there that can help you with this such as Google Keywords Tool and Long Tail.

After looking at what keywords are important to your site, the third point to help you learn search engine optimization is to look at the structure of your own website. Think about your site theme and navigational structure and how this relates to your keywords or phrases. After all, this will be crucial in helping to build a credible brand, while helping to improve conversion rates.

Next you should look at the on page structure of your page content. You need to think about your page titles as these are important for successful seo campaigns. As for page content, always keep it up to date and relevant. Don’t get lazy and simply spam your page full of keywords. The search engines are smart and will sniff you out a mile away.

Finally, it is important to consider building quality links to your website. You could submit your pages to site directories such as DMOZ. Having back links into your site is an excellent way improving your site traffic, so you need to consider a social network package or your site that people can refer to on their blogs, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Follow these simple steps and it will not be as complicated as you thought to learn search engine optimization.

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