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Reasons to Pick Magento to Power One’s eCommerce Website

When one embarks on an eCommerce venture, there are many things one has to take into consideration. Even cursory research on the internet can leave one overwhelmed by the number of tasks that they are required to do perform such as search engine optimization, internationalization and payment processing to name but a few. Most entrepreneurs and developers thus prefer to go with a tried-and-tested eCommerce platform such as Magneto, then customize it to their needs.

There are several benefits of using Magneto to power one’s eCommerce website. One of the biggest advantage of using Magento is the fact that is an open-source eCommerce platform. This means that you get to enjoy the benefit of thousands of man hours spent making, improving and patching any errors in the system. As with most open-source platforms, Magneto has a large and active online community and support staff to help you in case of any challenges.

Magneto is also easily configurable and offers a lot of features, making it easily maintainable by a team of developers. This leads to less effort and resources being invested in creating features an eCommerce website requires such as managing the inventory. The wide adaptation of Magneto by businesses of all sizes results in more features needed by eCommerce sites being added frequently, meaning features you require are likely to be added soon. Since it is open-source, one can also modify Magento to meet their needs.

Internationalization enables one to modify their Magneto website easily as they target different regions and countries. Not only does Magento support various languages and currencies, it also allows one to create their own localization pack. Other country or region-specific customization such as payment systems allowed or taxation are also easily added to the website.

Magneto also grows as your eCommerce business grows as it was built with scalability in mind. As long as there is sufficient infrastructure to run the website, Magneto place no upper limit on the number of transactions handled or product items in the catalog. Since it is also highly modular, Magneto allows one to add features as they are needed or as can be supported. Both of these features make Magento well-suited for eCommerce websites.

Being seo friendly is another great reason why Magneto is a great eCommerce platform. By supporting white-hat seo techniques without requiring a lot of effort, Magento ensures that the website can easily be found by users. After all, there is no point in investing in a website if it has no traffic.


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