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Providing Free Products Such As Free Web Site Traffic Counting Tools is the Way to Go

ThomasNet is a publishing company that connects buyers with suppliers in the industrial industry. Anyone who chooses to do business with them can use their free online analytics tool called webtraxs. Providing free products is the way to go these days. With the internet becoming more and more crowded, the best way to get people interested in your products is by offering them for free!

Webtraxs is a client side analytical tool that tracks web site visitors based on cookies. The benefit of client side over server side analytical tools is that client side is that you can get more in depth statistics in your web site visitor reports. Client side tracking enables every page to be fully examined and detailed stats are available such as: bounce rate, entry pages, exit pages, origination, time on site, keywords, and more. Client side analytics resides on the user’s computer as opposed to server side which just tracks base stats from the server.

Free net tracking sites weren’t always available. It used to be left to just large companies to gain control on their website traffic. Now free stat counters enable you to take control of your clicks to your website and see which areas of the site need improvement and which don’t. You can click directly on a link that shows where the user came from and it will take you to this referrer website. No other media medium allows for such tight control and the World Wide Web.

Keep an eye out for free products like stat counters and don’t forget to offer free products yourself if you are a doing business. They will pay off in dividends many times over.


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