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Photo voltaic Panel for Your Dwelling

Solar Panel for Your Home

Solar Panel for Your Home

The efficacy of the non renewable source of energy is increasing. This is because of the hike in the price of electricity. Solar energy is a good alternative to electricity for working your appliances at home. The energy from the sun can be harnessed by a these panel and this energy can be used to power the electronic equipments. The power generated by the solar panel varies with the amount and intensity of sun light the panel gets.

The terrace of your house will be the ideal place to keep the solar panels. The heat collection of the solar panel is based on two different modes. There are Solar cells and solar collectors. The cells present in the panel are photovoltaic. Many such cells are arranged together to make the solar panel. This is so because the power is generated from the light energy of the sun. Silicon is the basic material that constitutes the photovoltaic cell, and this act as a semiconductor. The electricity produced by converting the light energy to electricity is Direct current. Therefore to use this energy for working the appliances you need to convert it into Alternating current. This energy generated by the solar panels can be stored in a deep cycling battery.

The panel should be placed in direct sunlight. When the sunlight hit the panel the photovoltaic cells in it traps the light and then generate electricity from it. The angle at which you place the panel in your roof top is also important. Therefore arrange the position of the panel with respect to the position of sun to trap maximum light energy.

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