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Making the Most of Photo voltaic Vitality in Photo voltaic Water Heating

Making the Most of Solar Energy in Solar Water Heating

The rising cost of energy over the last decade has made the use of solar water heating appliances increase greatly. Technology’s advancements in efficiency and the decreasing cost have made solar energy possible for more homes.

Solar heating units consume the energy from the sun to heat water before transferring it into the home for use. Typically, a traditional water heater will be kept as a storage area for the solar heated water, thus assuring hot water is always available but energy consumption is kept minimal.

Available Water Heaters

Basically, there are two variations of water heating systems: one that employs circulation and controls and one that doesn’t. In order to maintain efficiency, both types use insulation to keep the solar heated water hot until used.

There are also two types of tank systems used in solar water heating. One combines the solar heated water storage with the back-up heater water storage and the other one transfers the solar heated water to a separate tank to keep it warm until use.

Solar panels containing solar cells are the source of energy used in the water heating systems.

One application employs a glazed, moisture proof box containing an absorber plate under plastic or glass covers.

The second type of solar collector uses the same glazed box but contains tubing to allow the water to move to the storage tank as it is heated. 

Solar heating that is considered active is when water is transported through the home by the actual system. This direct circulation moves the water through the solar energy tubing or collection system and sends it to the home for use.

With passive systems the flow of the water is due to nature, cold water will go to the bottom of the tank as the hot water rises and moves through the system.

Other solar heating systems exist that are a combination of both passive and active. These are usually for specialized situations such as heated swimming pools.

Only a few years ago your only option would be to purchase an off-the-shelf solar water heating system, but now DIY systems are more popular than ever. You can now get some great homemade power guides that teach you how to build renewable energy systems step by step.

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