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Mimosa Hostilis: Miraculous Herb

Mimosa Hostilis: Miraculous Herb

Mimosa hostiles is a well known entheogen most popularly used for shamanic healing world wide. It is also known as jurema. It is a most popular natural pigment of all and is used for art and craft work especially for dying ties. If for any of your projects you are looking for colors like earthy reds, brown or purple, you can use mimosa hostilis even without giving it a second thought. It is a perennial evergreen tree or shrub which grows in northeastern Brazil where it is also known as jurema preta. In southern Mexico it is popularly known as tapezcohuite.

The stem bark of tapezcohuite has been used as a medical treatment from infection to inflammation, and also very effective for burns, influenza, bronchitis and for the common cold by Mexican people. The bark contains a very high quantity of tannins and makes it one of the best blood coagulants in the world.

The universities and private laboratories all over the world are giving their blood and sweat to study the magical benefits of powdered tapezcohuite skin bark as it is very effective on scars, burns and other chronic skin problems.

Its ability to protect and simulate collagen is a sole key to its outstanding ability to cure the most severe burn. After a week the scar becomes very blurred to the extent that it cannot be even seen. It can be also considered as an all in one cure as it can kill the infection from scratch and also act as a safe and secure natural inflammatory.

Currently the most popular form in which tapezcohuite has been used worldwide is a powdered form. It is used in shampoos, soap, lotions, skin cremes for acne, herpes, eczema, psoriasis worldwide.

It is a herbal remedy which is extremely used by almost everyone in Brazil and Mexico. It can be drank as a tea to cure aches, pains, respiratory illness and also by those people who want to quit cigarettes, alcohol, and hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

In Brazil this herb is given as a fodder to domestic animals such as cows, goat, sheep and other animals as they are highly rich in proteins and other essential nutrients. There are many vendors available online sending mimosa hostilis at very reasonable prices. Its other uses are for reducing swelling, used as an astringent to help stop the bleeding of cuts and abrasion. Since it is completely natural it does not have any ill effects on nature so you can wash your clothes in rivers or streams while enjoying camping with your friends or family.

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