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Copper Canyon Daisy Retains Deer Away

Copper Canyon Daisy Keeps Deer Away

If you are like many people you love your plants and want to keep them safe and healthy. To keep deer from those beautiful plants then you need help. One way is to use this Copper Canyon Daisy to plant in and around your yard and garden. But first, let us look at the characteristics of the copper canyon daisy and how it will help keep your plants safe and eventually healthy.

This daisy is also known by mount lemmon marigold, shrub marigold, and Mexican bush marigold. The Genus and species are Tagetes lemmonii with synonyms of Tagetes alamensis and Tagates palmeri. It is a perennial with yellow-orange blooms.

Copper canyon daisy is a blooming bush that flowers in the autumn and then in the early spring. If left alone, it can grow to 6 ft. tall and expand out to more than 4 ft. wide (1.2 to 1.8 meters). These daisies are heat lovers and drought-tolerant that could be a good project for the starting out the gardener in zones 8a to 11.

This daisy misidentified by many to be a native of Texas is really native to Arizona, Central America, and Mexico. the plant blooms only when the days get short enough to start the flowering reaction in the plant which is 4 to 5 hours of sunshine and light shade the remainder of the time. It is what is ordinarily mentioned to as a short-day plant.

As a person might anticipate from its natural environment, this marigold shrub is tolerant to drought, develops in thin soils, and is usually a rugged plant. Once it develops in the garden, it needs little water and no fertilizer. It is very good for xeriscape landscaping because of its drought-tolerant capabilities. An added merit is the strong aroma of the foliage; keeps those deer away.

It has shown to be a significant color perennial for deer resistant gardens. When deer have changed their standards of grazing because of the drought and overpopulation, there are no reports of them eating the daisy. Use copper canyon daisy as a companion plant to other susceptible plants that may be appealing to deer. This plant will provide protection for all that dare to grow close by.

Foliage is evergreen and nonwoody. Is aromatic with an extremely fragrant scent of citrusy-pine especially when you prune it. An allergic problem can arise when pruning.

It is pleasing to butterflies, birds, and bees.

The pH requirements of the soil are alkaline. So when propagating keep soil around 7.5 – 8.5. Then the propagation methods used most are cuttings actually rooted faster and more fully than stem cuttings, herbaceous stem cuttings, and softwood cuttings. If using seed collecting then allow pods or seedheads to become bone dry on the plants, then collect seeds.

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