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Magnetic Vitality Generator Versus Photo voltaic Energy – What You Must Know

Magnetic Energy Generator Versus Solar Power – What You Need to Know

Solar power has been around for many years and I’m sure you’re familiar with it. Magnetic energy generators on the other hand are a relatively new invention that are taking the alternative energy world by storm. A free magnetic energy generator really can produce free electricity just like solar power, so which one is the best for your home and power needs?

Solar power has helped thousands and thousands of people to reduce their electricity bills. That is the real downside to solar power though, it only manages to reduce your electricity bill not eradicate it.

On a very sunny days, a normal home solar power setup will only produce enough electricity to heat the hot water in your house. On a cloudy day the energy output is reduced considerably and at night time it doesn’t produce any electricity at all.

On the other hand a free magnetic energy generator produces electricity 24 hours a day seven days a week regardless of the weather conditions. Not only that, the output of the normal magnetic energy generator is enough to power your whole house not just reduce your electricity bill!

The downside of magnetic generators is that they are not available to buy. The Australian inventors have instead decided to sell their plans on the Internet so that people can build their own size generator to meet their exact needs. On the plus side the plans are very easy to follow and all the materials needed are readily available anywhere in the world.

Anybody with minimal DIY experience will be able to build one. If you think you have the ability to build a free magnetic energy generator then this should be your alternative energy choice.

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