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Benefits of Renewable Power Sources

Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources

Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy is a kind of energy which is obtained from natural resources such as sun, rain, wind, tides and geothermal heat. The sources of these energies replenish continually and include energy from sun, wind, geothermal and biomass.

The sources of renewable energy vary widely based on their availability and cost-effectiveness. The more popular ones are summarised below:

1. Sun:

The sun is the biggest source of renewable energy. Solar power reaches us in the form of high intensity radiation. As the sunlight falls on the earth, it is converted into heat and is unarguably one of the cleanest forms of energies.

2. Wind:

Another source is that from the wind and this can be harnessed and used to generate electricity. Wind energy has been widely used to generate electric power.

3. Biomass:

Biomass is also one of the energy sources wherein the organic material is fermented or burnt to produce gas and heat energy. Animal wastes when treated can provide gases which in turn can be used to generate electricity.

4. Hydropower:

Another major source of alternative energy is water. Hydropower is the process of generating electricity with the help of water. The power that is obtained from falling water can be easily converted into electric and mechanical energy.

5. Geothermal:

Geothermal energy is obtained by trapping the earth’s heat deep into the Earth’s crust. This heat can be then used to generate electricity and can also be used heat homes. This form of energy is highly flexible and can work without the need of an intermediate technology. It is also heavily reliable and cost-efficient.

6. Waves:

The energy that comes from waves is also one of the sources of alternative energy. The power harnessed from waves as they move toward shoreline can be converted into electricity.

7. Tidal power:

The power contained in moving water that is caused by tides is also one of the sources which when captured can be used to generate electricity. As the tides in the water can be easily predicted it is considered to one of the most reliable sources of energy that can be used to generate power.

Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources:

Some of the most notable benefits of renewable energy sources are as follows:

Unlike present sources, such as coal and fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are inexhaustible. Thus, they can be used repeatedly and don’t pose the risk of being depleted.

The burning of coal and fossil fuels emits harmful gases in the atmosphere. This in turn increases the dangers of global warming. However, renewable energy sources are of eco-friendly nature and provide clean energy without polluting the environment.

Since the reserves of the present energy sources are decreasing with each day, their costs are increasing. Renewable energy sources, on the other hand, provide free electricity. You just need to spend money when installing energy generating devices, such as solar panels or wind turbines.

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