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Long Tail Keywords – The Web Traffic Mine


Webmasters have been blessed with a powerful tool like Web Analytics, which analyzes a website to its root producing comprehensive and real time data. If one digs in deeper and analyzes the traffic generating keywords for the website, an astonishing detail would be found.

The collective Traffic from untargeted keywords is more than the traffic generated from the targeted keywords. Does this make a webmasters effort of optimizing for top keywords a waste? Not really. Let us begin from the very beginning.

What types of Keywords are generally preferred: Short tail or Long Tail?

Webmasters tend to focus on visitors who land on a webpage through popular keywords. Popular keywords are the ones being searched by the majority of visitors and are usually short tail. These keywords are targeted with the sole aim of getting traffic to the website and generating leads. An organization can focus on 20 – 30 popular keywords to represent a website.

Truth about Long Tail Keywords:

If a website is operating in a fairly competitive market, it can take up to 6 months for a keyword to break into top ranking. Does it mean the organization generates no revenue from their online sales? No. Majority of the websites attract visitors from keywords they haven’t even tracked. On closer examination, one notices that lesser tracked keywords surpass the popular keywords in terms of traffic and leads.

Benefits of deploying Long Tail Keyword Strategy:

1. Long Tail Keywords are easier to rank for as the competition is low as compared to popular short tail keywords.

2. They bring more traffic to the website before the popular keywords even break into the top 100 of SERPs.

3. Visitors who come to a website using long tail keywords are more likely to convert into potential buyers as they are more specific about their requirements.

The Main Question: How to Generate Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are a combination of

a) Popular keywords,

b) General meaning phrase (adjective / noun) and/or

c) A call to action phrase (verb) along with

d) Geo specific phrases.


1. Top Web Designers California

2. Best Hair Stylist Paris

3. Apply for Credit Card Online

4. Buy Quality business printers

5. Harry Potter Books at Discount

Each of the above Long tail keywords are direct call to action. I.e. they are to the point about their business and services. There are a variety of keyword suggestion tools available in the market which provide detailed analysis of the popular keywords along and their long tail alternatives.



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