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tools For Successful Internet Marketing

To have an internet marketing business is one thing, to have a successful internet business is quite another. Anyone who goes into this field thinking it will be a quick way to get rich needs to do a lot more research, as statistics show that only the top 3% (approx) of entrepreneurs will succeed to extent of millionaire status. The next 7% will make a good living, so the goal here is obviously to get yourself into that 10%.

There are plenty of tools to help you in your quest however, and this article outlines some of the more popular. Your budget does obviously does come into play, but for the most part the following aids are relatively low cost.

No. 1 – A Website/Domain Name

“Branding yourself” is very important (if you’re not sure what this means, Google it, there are plenty of explanations on the internet). Start with choosing your domain name from one of the many sites available, and then decide on how you are going to construct your website.

If you are with a particular online marketing business, more likely than not they will have prebuilt websites as part of your membership; this is great if you are new to marketing, as it is one thing you don’t have to learn straightaway. If, however, you want to construct your own, you will need a good web hosting service provider.

Unless you really know what you are doing, I wouldn’t advise building a website from scratch – either outsource it, or go to somewhere like WordPress, which make it a step by step process.

No 2 – A Blog

A blog can be private, or it can be for business purposes. Either way, it is another part of branding yourself. Once more you will need a domain name, and there are a couple of good blogging platforms around to choose from. Just be careful, because not all of them allow you to put your own advertising on your blog.

No. 3 – A Keyword Tool or tools

Another very important internet marketing tool, as it lets you know what is being searched for. There are a couple of free ones available, such as the Google Keyword Tool, or the basic Wordtracker one; there are also some more sophisticated ones around, again it really depends on your budget and I would suggest you hop on a search engine to see what is available.

No. 4 – Article Marketing

The great thing about publishing articles is that a) it doesn’t cost you anything, and b) they stay around for a long time (unlike classified and banner ads etc). You can link them to your website or blog, tell people about them in all the social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo etc, and if you write enough of them and give the readers good content, you will start to get a following.

No. 5 – Video Marketing

Nowadays this is an extremely important part of marketing as video is now the most sought after commodity on the search engines. These search engines love video content and will generally push your posted videos up in the free search results (also known as the “organic” or “natural” search results). It is also free!

There are a couple of specialty ‘mini’ video cameras on the market, which you can connect via USB directly into your PC; when cost is a concern, if you already have a digital camera which has a video function on it, this can be used, it is just a bit more fiddly. And of course there is always the webcam, which most laptops come with. You will need a software program for editing these but Windows Movie Maker is a good as any.

No. 6 – Social media

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo and My Space all play a big part in internet marketing, and I would suggest you get yourself on at least 2 or 3 of these sites. The general idea is making a contact list to eventually market to. They are extremely popular, are relatively easy to learn, but be warned, don’t get sidetracked, have a system, otherwise you will find them taking up hours of your day.

No. 7 – Advertising

Free or low cost ads include classified and ezines. If your budget allows a few more dollars, try some banner ads or email advertising, or you could try AdWords. This is good way to get fast results, but you need to thoroughly understand how it works, otherwise you will find your budget is blowing out.

You will find as you get more experience in the marketing of your business there are many different ways to optimize it. Article sites such as this one are always a mine of information, also ezines or newsletters can be very helpful. Learn to think laterally, (outside the square), use the keyword tools, and research. Above all be persistent and do something for your business every single day.

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