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Functions and Features of Police Lights and Sirens

Police lights fall in the category of public safety equipment, and are one of the most unique types of lights that are utilized by the government authorities. The lights‘ being unique and distinctive is of high significance, since there are many responsibilities placed on the police. In order to maintain the security of the city and the citizens, they have to present themselves in as distinctive way as possible. To respond to the scene, they use a different variety of lights and sirens.

LED Light

The multicolored lights on the police vehicles today are usually LED that gives their cars a significantly different look. Additionally, the lights and the siren speakers on their car are of high frequency that makes them visible and audible from quite a long distance. It is the high visibility of their cars that protects them emergency situations.

The reason – why LED lights are deployed to make light heads, dash lights, bars, mini bars, and lights for interiors, front and rear – is the cost-effectiveness, durability, and various other plus points and features of LED.

Advantages of LED lights

Small & efficient – LED bulbs are small, and even after being small, they glow quite efficiently. Owing to technological and design-allied advancements, these bulbs are used in various devices of today, including computers and laptops’ keyboard, mobile phones, etc.

Cost Effective – The tiny bulbs are actually a two-lead, P-N junction diode semiconductor, which emanates the shine when activated with a suitable amount of voltage. Not many resources are deployed in the manufacturing and lighting up of these bulbs; thereby these are pretty economical, as compared to ones of ordinary contrivances.

No heating, no melting – LED bars and dash lights do not heat up due to excess use, while the lights of earlier generations would get very hot and would sometimes melt the lens plastic. No matter which color of LED is being used in the bar, the heat is no longer a major issue.

Broad design options – As these bulbs do not consume much energy, the manufacturers are paying attention on the design and compatibility of LED products.

Siren & Speaker

A typical police car is incomplete without a siren and speaker. Sirens are often used as a sign of warning, at different places, for different occasions. Apart from police car, sirens are also observable on ambulance and riot control, army, firefighting and politicians’ vehicles. Different vehicles use different tones and intensities of alarm. Speaker is used to spread the noise of the alarm, and to broadcast some message from the police car.


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