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5 Applications Of LED Lights

Many people use LED lights to light up their houses and their cars. It’s good to note that the uses of the lights are more than this. Here are some of the other areas where you can use the lights:

LED light strips

If you try decorating your car or the bottom of your cabinet using the normal lights you won’t get good results. The good thing is that you can create an elegant look using LED strip lights. LED strip lights are lightweight, versatile, and come in a wide range of colors. When you buy the lights, they come on a roll that you can cut in any size thus you can use them in any area. Most of the strip lights are waterproof thus you can comfortably use them outdoors. Since the units are easy to install, you don’t need to hire a professional to help you.

LED virtual key

According to researchers, LED lights can make people happier and more productive in life. If you are in business, you can install the lights in the ceiling panels so that they mimic the sky and this gives the workers the impression that they are working in an open wide field. Studies show that natural light increases productivity and since the LEDs mimic the natural look, your employees will feel happier and more productive.

LED wallpaper

Did you know you can change the look on your wall by a flip of a switch? The LED wallpaper, gives your walls any of your desired colors. This not only makes painting unnecessary, it also gives your house a different look.

Bionic contact lens

The technology in bionic contact lenses allows you to not only view things better, but also view them in an augmented reality. The lens works by transmitting information to a transparent chip containing a micro-LED. The LED then allows you to see what might be on your computer screen.

Sunshine in a bottle

Here a solar panel illuminates your night using a little LED. This light is not only beautiful in decorating your home, it also a great alternative to people living in areas out of the electrical grid.


These are some of the areas where you can use your LED lights. The key to buying units that will last for a long time and give you a great service is buying them from a reputable store. This calls for you to ensure that whether you are buying online or offline, the store you buy from has a great reputation.


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