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How To Create Key phrase Wealthy Web site Pages

How To Create Keyword Rich Website Pages

Creating keyword rich website pages is the key to optimizing your site for search engines and getting higher search engine ranking. Keyword rich pages are pages that fulfil two criteria:

1. They offer the reader valuable content

2. They contain specific keywords that are interspersed throughout the pages several number of times to ensure that the pages get top ranking for those particular keywords.

If your company deals with marketing packaged tours to Singapore, ideally you would want to target the keyword-phrase “Book a Cruise”in the title tag, the meta-description tag, the meta-keyword tag and the page body. Here’s how you would go about creating your Keyword rich pages to get the desired result.

Title Tag

An appropriate title tag is of utmost importance. It needs to be search engine friendly so that it catches the eye of the spider. Using the keyword phrase at the beginning of the title tag increases its search engine ranking exponentially. The title tag also needs to be catchy enough for human readers, because that is the name they will see displayed on the page that lists the results of their search.

For your site, “Book a Cruise and sail the wide open seas” could be an appropriate title tag. It places the keyword at the beginning of the title tag and also gives the reader a quick glimpse into what to expect. You would of course have to choose a title tag that is most appropriate to the content on your site.

Meta Description Tag

Search engines use the Meta description tag to offer readers a brief introduction to the content matter of the site. The criteria for choosing a Meta description tag for your page is the same as that for choosing a title tag. The Meta description tag for your site could go something like this “Book a Cruise- We make all the necessary arrangements keeping your requirements in mind”.

It meets the search engine requirements and also gives the reader a little more information than the title tag.

Meta Keywords Tag

The importance of Meta keywords tag for search engine optimization has been steadily decreasing. Several sites manage to achieve top rankings even in the absence of Meta keywords tag. However it does not hurt to include one; it could increase your chances of achieving a higher ranking. The rules for Meta Keywords can be summed up thus:

1. A keyword should not be repeated more than twice in the Meta keywords tag

2. Keywords should not follow each other simultaneously

One of the choices for your Meta keywords tag for your site could be – “Book a cruise, sail the seas; book a cruise, see the whales and dolphins, BOOK A CRUISE”

Body of the page

There are several ways of optimizing the body of the page for higher search engine rankings:

– Get an appropriate picture that is just the right size; neither too large nor too small.

– The picture’s Alt tag should have the keyword featured just once.

– The Alt tag could feature only the key word phrase or you could add a few extra words if you wished.

– Create an appropriate heading using the H1 tag.

– Depending on your purpose you would have to design the page to either re-direct the visitors to another site or perhaps expound the benefits of whatever program the website owner is an affiliate of.

– The first few lines of the text should attract the attention of internet surfers.

– Ensure that plenty of sentences feature the keyword phrase in a natural manner.

– Keep your paragraphs short.

– Get reciprocal links from relevant sites.

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