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How Does Key phrase Placement Have an effect on Visitors to Your Web site?

How Does Keyword Placement Affect Traffic to Your Website?

You may have the best, most thoroughly research list of keywords in the ecommerce world (which you first must know how to do). But, did you know that your keyword PLACEMENT, amount of times you use specific keywords, demand, supply, and profitability #’s all can affect your search engine ranking and website traffic?

Every website has common elements like home pages, titles, keywords, and references. The BEST websites have appropriately positioned their keywords within the website components and pages to be sure that they are ranked well by search engines.

To explain this simply, let’s say that your website “Tick,” sells Antique Clocks. You have a competitor, “Clocks Galore” who also has a website that sells Antique Clocks.

Here is a snapshot of these two websites and some content from the sites:

Tick, Clocks Galore

Tick Tick Antique Clocks

Blah, blah blah blah blah blah. Blah Antique Clocks blah blah. Blah blah

Blah blah blah antique clocks. Antique Clocks. Blah blah blah blah,

Blah blah. Antiques blah blah blah blah. Blah blah Antique Clocks

Which website do you think is likely to rank higher with search engines? There is no doubt that having the term ‘antique clocks’ in the title will give your competitor a boost, but you will notice that he mentions Antique Clocks earlier in the text and more often throughout the content. You must also consider the description, links, and other relevant factors that the search engines love.

That helps too!

While your competitor’s keyword placement, titles and other components may be just as good as yours, you CAN help yourself by looking at placement, density, and use of keywords.

Research and use associated keywords for antique clocks with appropriate placement.

Keywords like ‘antique grandfather clock’, ‘antique wall clock’, ‘antique French clock’, ‘antique clock repair’, ‘antique mantle clock’, ‘antique table clock’, ‘antique clock for sale’, and many other variations will help draw targeted traffic to your site.

But, remember that all your hard work must be monitored, once your website is put in place. There are thousands of web sites added to the worldwide web every day. Some of these may be your competitors.

And, your ranking can change from day to day and month to month. Keep track of your traffic and website statistics and check keyword search tools frequently to see if things are changing.

You may have to make changes to accommodate new search engine algorithms as well (but that can be a major challenge).

Search engine companies update their algorithms periodically, and these changes can have a profound effect in your search engine ranking. Many times if you are dropped, you will be picked up again shortly. Don’t get bogged down chasing the search engines unless it has a drastic effect on your business.

If you notice that your ranking has gone down on a particular search engine, you may want to contact them to find out if they have recently changed their methodology and, if so, get information on how they are currently ranking, and what has changed, so you can update your website accordingly.

There are many factors that are involved to build a successful website. Traffic building is a tough part, but if you go into putting your quality content up blindly, you don’t stand a chance. Utilize all the tools and resources you can to succeed online and live the dream life – No boss!!

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