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Dynamic Web site Growth: Combating for Your Inch

Dynamic Website Development: Fighting for Your Inch

Dynamic Website Development: Fighting for Your Inch

In the film ‘Any Given Sunday,’ Al Pacino, who plays a football coach, gave a very rousing speech to motivate his team into victory. With the title ‘Inch by Inch,’ the speech has gone viral notwithstanding the strength of the actor but mainly because of the power of the words. This is applicable in almost everything in life including your decision whether to choose a dynamic website development.

The margin for error is small

Dynamic by its very definition is constantly moving and progressing. Static websites, in contrast, do not change much. Every time you open them, you are rerouted to the same page with simple URL and plain HTML codes. In old-school seo techniques, static websites are perfect platforms to attract automated bots of search engines for crawling and indexing. A dynamic website, meanwhile, will a script every time it is prompted. It gives you an edge in the sense that it can provide better focus using industry trends to craft a keyword-rich entry. One other benefit of dynamic website development is the content management system allowing the business full control of the website tools like Ajax,.ASP or Cold Fusion speed up the internal linking procedure and classify your contents through categories.

Fighting for that inch

Dynamic website development has several features: you can upload banners, images, flash movies without waiting for the website developer to change the raw code. Another thing is to interact better with your customers through discussion forums, comments, surveys and subscriptions. This is perfect for e-commerce website where customers can register, book and purchase right in the comfort of their own homes. You will also be able to install a more powerful search tool rather than the standard Google-customised search box found in most HTML websites with the tool, the users can refine their searches by date, category, price point, product batch, etc.

One half step too late… and you do not quite make it

Perhaps one drawback of dynamic website development is the ensuing cost of putting one. Obviously, because of the complexity and the number of pages within the website, it will take a lot of time and effort to build a dynamic website. But ultimately, when you get right down to it, the benefits you get outweigh the expense. Beside, any cost can be offset by any money you may save because you are no longer hiring any web developer to tinker with the HTML code if you want to introduce more changes to your website And when your competitors are also using dynamic websites, you are going to lose that inch of edge which is very hard to reclaim.

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