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Higher Twitter Clone – Problem For a Net Improvement Firm

Better Twitter Clone – Challenge For a Web Development Company

It is beyond doubt that Twitter is one of most favorite social networking sites. It has taught the world how with 140 characters people can express their feeling and even can make business. This micro-blogging site has simply changed the social networking and in near future social networking may become synonymous to tweets. However here we are not supposed to deal with how Twitter comes in our use, rather how Twitter clone script is a challenge to any web development company.

People like Twitter and want to get a clone of Twitter clone script. They seek good web development companies to buy one of the best Twitter clone script. Let’s see how to make a Twitter clone script challenging to the original Twitter.

  • People keep saying that 140 characters are not enough to express ones feeling. This very feature of Twitter is limiting. So the clone site can provide option for more character.
  • There is no chat option in Twitter. If the clone site has chat option, it will increase the user activity on the site and traffic flow keeps growing.
  • There has to be direct option to upload photographs and videos in the user account. The present Twitter interface does not allow it. A web development company must keep it in the clone.
  • Social networking sites need to keep people engaged. But in Twitter there are only tweets to deliver and receive. A web development company can keep engaging games and entertainment option in the clone.
  • A web development company may add discussion board in the clones of Twitter. It encourages everybody, even the intellectuals and business people to spread their thought to the social network.
  • Highlight the favorite followers in lists and groups. Somebody likes to highlight special people or list or even tweets to his likings. To do so web development company may add highlighting option of that particular tweeter clone.
  • The follower management may get more improved. Now in Twitter, too little detail about followers is given to recognize well. Little more details in Twitter clone script will certainly ease the process of acceptance of requests.
  • The use of left and right panel of the user account can be utilized more effectively. Those panels can be used in a clone site to show more information about user and even advertisements that can benefit the users too.
  • There is no auto fill or attach option in Twitter. In clone site a web development company may keep this option and it will give the users more ease to use the site effectively.

These are some features that a web development company can keep or infuse in clone of Twitter. These are really challenging features that are going to keep a Twitter clone script site ahead of the original site. If people come across these features they will favor these and the development of the clone will be successful. But before buying any Twitter clone script remember to see if the web development company has good experience and skill in the field of Twitter clone script development. Last but not the least is to check the affordability of the Twitter clone script. If you find these things together you will get your desired own Twitter to be run successfully for you.

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