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High 7 PHP Growth Books for Aspiring Builders

Top 7 PHP Development Books for Aspiring Developers

Top 7 PHP Development Books for Aspiring Developers

Most web developers and designers prefer to use PHP for web development. The major reason behind their preference is that PHP is an open source language that supports a number of databases including MySQL and Oracle. The popularity of PHP for web development has made it essential for many web developers to master PHP development. For people who desire to gain command over this language, referring to the books listed below will be extremely helpful. Some of the books cater to both beginners and advanced learners, while others elaborate on advanced techniques for experienced developers.

Head First PHP and MySQL-A Brain Friendly Guide

Written by Lynn Beighly and Michael Morrison, this book makes learning PHP programming an enjoyable experience. The Head First series is known for its visually attractive format, and the book contains a number of puzzles, quizzes, and interactive exercises. This book is great for beginners who want to master the language, and it is also very useful for advanced programmers with a large number of codes, tips and tricks.

PHP Cookbook

Written by David Tratchenberg and David Sklar, this is easily the most readable book on PHP development. The book contains over 250 ‘recipes’-examples of problems that PHP programmers face every day. This is not a book for beginners; it is a reference book for people already involved in PHP programming. The book also outlines the best practices for development, and it also contains a lot of useful code for developers.

PHP and MySQL Web Development

Written by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson, this book outlines how you can use PHP along with MySQL to create attractive web pages and web applications. For beginners, the book painstakingly describes all the basics of PHP development and MySQL integration; for experienced developers it offers a number of tips and tricks to create complex web applications.

Learning PHP, MySQL and JavaScript

Written by Robin Nixon, this is the best book for programmers who need to understand the relationship between PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. The PHP section deals with the smallest issue, and it is a blessing for beginners. Experienced programmers can skim through the beginning sections of the PHP section and go straight to the topic that interests them.

PHP Object-Oriented Solution

Written by David Powers, this book is perfect for developers who just want the basics of Object-Oriented Programming for PHP. The book is aimed at beginners and does not contain complicated codes or theory; it has everything beginners need, but experienced programmers may find the book a bit too simple.

Programming PHP

Written by Rasmus Lerdorf, Peter McIntrye and Kevin Tatroe, this book is a fantastic tool for mastering advanced PHP development techniques. The author’s of this book are very experienced, and it is the definitive guide to PHP 5.

Beginning PHP and MySQL

Written by Matt Zandstra is not a book for beginners who wish to learn the basic, but PHP programmers who want to combine the elements of PHP with other development techniques. It covers advanced subjects like interfaces, abstract classes, design patterns and static methods and properties.

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