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Fibre Optic Cable and the Internet Communication Systems


Fibre optic cables and its uses in the Internet is one of the buzzword in the communication systems today. Big companies like Toshiba and the primer school, Cambridge University’s scientists had been using the technique of using high speed cables to be the prime backbone of the modern Internet.

It is proven that fibre cabling in a multi-core form contains separate cores that will allow more than thousand separate lines of communication at the same time, especially in the Internet. People can use computer networks at the same time without worrying about data loss. The evolution of communication started with the standard copper wires then improved with the discovery of fibre optics. The transfer of data is faster and cleaner, not to mention less interference with fibre cable. With the help of fibre cable, transmission of voice, data, videos are centralized and easy.

How fibre optic cables help the communication system? In what way it is useful to us? Optical fibre cable became more energy-efficient to the point where all of the world’s internet traffic could travel on a single fibre at the same time. These types of cables can capture light in quantum to stream information into data networks.

With the help of photo detector, torrents of lights are carried by fibre optics cable then distribute them in a distance of 56 miles. This is good news in the communication system and most likely to be used by the government and big companies. The use of fibre optic cables dramatically boosts the overall performance of computer networks. It is very important or valuable to government agencies which need to have a secure way of transmitting financial data via the Internet.

How communication is done through fibre optics? The transfer of data is done using the following steps:

1. Creation of optical signal involving the use of transmitter.

2. Relaying of the signal through the fiber.

3. Converting the signal into electrical signal.

Internet security had been important especially when the exchange of important messages takes place. Data transmission must be secured since eavesdropping on internet communication is apparent. However, internet security added complexity because the cryptology system that is used to protect the high speed information will add costs over the fibre optic networks. The modern data networking system that uses modern optical data will increase the capacity to send multiple data stream in different colours. The optical fibre cable using quantum physics will send the information on different fibres but in its isolated frequency.

Optical fibre cables simplify the task of coding and decoding of data making the quantum physics more attractive for commercial data networks.



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