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Excel Report – Lookup Formulation Assessment

Excel Report – Lookup Formulas Review

Is the Excel world Pivot Table crazy? It seems but I will show you now why Lookup formulas remain relevant. Here are the pros of why Lookup formulas must be used.

  • Delights your boss who doesn’t like Pivot Tables
  • Delivers updated output to the recipients. End-users are prone to change the backend list. A PT does not refresh the frontend so your intermediate formulas will be outdated
  • Allows you to present specific information in specific cells or inside other formulas
  • Gives you instant feedback by having decision cells you can change parameters and see an instant change
  • Allows you to simultaneously present multiple chunks of data in printable format
  • Gives you more comfort when you are adept to using formulas
  • Gives you a sense of control over the results since you can see at each cell the source of the reported data (by pressing F2)

Here are the cons of why Lookup formulas must not be used

  • Takes more time to write
  • Does not offer enough flexibility to change
  • Makes you prone to errors
  • They are more difficult to maintain
  • They are not so-known by users

I love using Excel lookup formulas because I can attend every report requirement. Additionally, having control cells is priceless. For example, being able to change the range of sales, hitting enter and have immediate change gives you a huge sense of achievement and confidence. Once you know the correct Excel lookup techniques and tricks, the reports and dashboards you can produce are limited by your imagination.

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