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Easy methods to Play With a Lady’s Thoughts – Use These Thoughts Hack Techniques to Power Her to Give up in Love

How to Play With a Woman’s Mind – Use These Mind Hack Tactics to Force Her to Surrender in Love

She likes you, but she doesn’t. She wants you, but not today. Every man has suffered through this particular kind of girl – the kind that expect you to do things for her, the kind that can’t decide whether she wants you or don’t, the kind that plays with their minds. Sadly, these types of girls are becoming more and more common in today’s society because men are simply unable to counteract their moves and end up totally dazed and confused because of it.

Have no fear, though, for it is now the time for your revenge! There are several very simple steps and methods you can use in order to seriously mess with the mind of any would-be male manipulator. It’s time to turn things around and make sure that all women know who’s in control in the relationship.

How To Play With A Woman’s Mind – Use These Mind Hack Tactics To Force Her To Surrender In Love

Mind Hack Tactic #1. “Utter Disrespect”. As soon as a girl starts getting comfortable around you and as soon as you let down your guard, she’ll be there taking advantage of your weakness. She’ll be disrespecting you in front of friends and family, and making it seem like you are totally cuckolded. If you’re in a relationship right now and this seems to be the case, it really is an amazingly easy fix. All you have to do is make sure that the next time she starts acting up: threaten to leave her.

This will let her know that she’s not as important to you as she seems to think she is. Remember, however, that you need to say it with absolute sincerity. If you’re unable to do so, chances are she’ll get worse as all that will happen is you will have confirmed that she means a lot to you.

Mind Hack Tactic #2. “Complete Jealousy”. This ‘game’ is one that women the world over mainly use. This is mainly done through invoking jealousy through disparagement of the guy they are currently dating and through drawing comparisons between him and other men. The main reason for doing this is so that a guy will react favorably and do something to fix his so-called ‘problems’.

The best way to combat this is to feign indifference and draw comparisons between her and girls you know in return. This, similarly to the tactic used above, shows that she’s not the one in control and demonstrates that you aren’t afraid to call her bluff.

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