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How To Use Covert Psychology To Seduce A Lady – Make Her Fall For You By Hacking Inside Her Thoughts!

How To Use Covert Psychology To Seduce A Woman – Make Her Fall For You By Hacking Inside Her Mind!

Stop reading about rubbish information you see elsewhere. In one short article I will expose to you one killer technique which you can use to make a woman want you – no matter if you’re as short as Joe Pesci or as broke as a bum off the street. I could virtually guarantee your success as a seducer if you master this one technique which I am going to share with you here. In fact – any seducer worth his salt would have mastered this technique. James Bond? Tan Leong Cheng? Casanova? They are all true masters of this technique – and that explains why they are just so good with women.

The technique in question is COVERT PSYCHOLOGY. This term might scare off some guys, but you won’t need a first class Master’s Degree from the famed University of East Anglia to apply psychology techniques on women. In fact, by using simple covert psychology techniques, you will already be ahead of most men out there who simply don’t know any better. Think about it – once you master this technique you will have an advantage over other guys – even if they seem to be more good looking or have more money compared to you.

The method in itself is pretty simple – you need to slip into your conversation some seemingly harmless words and phrases which will make her feel “sexualized”. By repeating this process again and again, you will subconsciously embed sexual thoughts in her mind – and later she will soon develop feelings for you – both emotionally and physically.

The reason this technique works wonderfully well is that it’s pretty much “under the radar” – so she won’t be always on her guard when she is with you (especially when she knows that you’re interested in sleeping with her). By being covert, it would be super easy for you to use psychology tactics to make her like you quickly.

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