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Dwelling Primarily based Web Advertising and marketing Companies – Step 4 – Quick Net Web site Set Up

Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses - Step 4 - Fast Web Site Set Up

Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses – Step 4 – fast Web Site Set Up

The fastest and easiest way to set up a website for your home based internet marketing businesses is by creating a blog. It is surprisingly easy to set up a website if you follow these simple steps. You are first going to login to the back office of your domain account. This is where some people get really nervous because we are going to be going into your domain’s cPanel. Follow my instructions and you will be just fine!

For this article, as with earlier articles in the series, I am using Host Gator for my hosting account provider. If you use a different service the information will be a little different.

You will want to have your Username and Password for your Host Gator account handy before you begin, and of course your domain name.

In the URL bar (be sure you are in the URL or browser bar not a search area) you will type in:


Of course, replace “YourDomainName” with your actual domain name.

This will take you to a cPanel login window. Type in the Username and Password for your Host Gator account and click Login.

This takes you to the backoffice of your Host Gator account. Scroll to the bottom and look for the section titled “Software/Services” and find the “Fantastico De Luxe” icon which looks like a blue smiley face. Click on that link.

This will take you to an installation screen. Fantastico gives you several options but for really fast and easy, as well as great, results I recommend you install a WordPress blog. So on the left hand side of the screen look for the Blogs section and click the radio button next to WordPress.

Click on New Installation.

Now you will see a list of domains that you have, but if this is your first domain name you will only have one option. If you have more than one, be sure the proper name is highlighted.

Leave Install in directory blank.

Admin Access Data: create a username and password and be sure to write them. This will be how you will log into your blog.

Nickname: by putting in a nickname WordPress will automatically sign every post you do with this nickname. You might choose your name, or some people like to use Editor or Administrator.

Admin email: this is the email address where you want to receive notifications. I suggest your main email address.

Site Name: put in your domain name without the www but do include the .com

Description : put in a brief description about your site

Click Install WordPress

Click Finish Installation

You are now on the Confirmation Screen. You will want to write down some information from this screen. It will show you the username and password that you created and it will also show you the address on how you log in to your blog and make posts.

That address will be www 

You will also see that you can email these installation details. Go ahead and do that…send it to your main email address and keep an archive of all your important website information there.

As easy as that and your home based internet marketing businesses now have a website that is live. Of course you are going to want to start putting some content on it and making it look pretty, but you are well on your way! You can test this by typing in the URL bar your domain name and you will see there is a real site there ready for you to modify as you see fit!

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