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Construct Your Personal Photo voltaic Panel System

How to Build Your Own Solar Panel System

Combine the need for cost cutting measures because of the way the economy is playing right now and the avocation of going clean and green, a lot of people are now leaning towards finding ways of alternative energy to power their homes. There are a number of ways that can lead to lower electricity bills with the right amount of investment. One such alternative is to build solar panels for your home.

Solar energy is renewable, readily available and more importantly, does not emit harmful by products. This means that when you build solar panels for your home, you can be sure that it is a safe way to harness energy unlike relying on coal power plants and nuclear power plants, both of which can lead to disaster. Of course, since solar power is readily available and is for free, you can immediately lower the cost of your electricity. The question now is how to build solar panels.

The concept of a home solar power system is quite simple. You place solar panels at the right position where it can get the most sunlight. The panels will then heat up and this energy is transferred to a battery or battery pack to be stored as chemical energy. This battery is then connected to the main circuit of the house so that it can get energy from it when needed. To build solar panels, you will need to build PV modules first using plywood, flexi glass, solar connectors and wood. You will then need silicone to hold the modules to the plywood and the flexi glass at the border, tabbing wire to connect the modules together, a UV protector in order to shield the plywood from the heat and a volt metre to measure the power output of the modules.

On how to build solar panels, you will need to first cut the plywood into proper size for the solar connectors then apply about three coats of UV protection on it. Connect the PV cells together with tabbing wires using soldering iron to lock them into place. Then use the silicone in order to place the modules onto the plywood. Build borders for the panel using more plywood then fix the flexi glass onto the borders in order to cover the solar collectors. You will then have to connect the wires to a charge controller.

Now you are able to build solar panels, the next step is to complete the cycle by connecting it to a battery to store the energy. With this in place, not only will you be able to save a ton of money but you will also be doing your part for Mother Earth.

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