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Comparability Between BAK and TMP File Extensions

Comparison Between BAK and TMP File Extensions

BAK and TMP are temporary file types. They are most commonly used as backup files for various programs and also to store data temporarily.

The BAK or Backup format is commonly used to create backup files. When programs overwrite existing files, they create a backup file with the extension BAK. The advantage is that data can be retrieved from them. Databases also use BAK format to create a backup of the data stored in them. SQL Server and Fox Pro are common examples of database programs which use BAK files. At times they are automatically deleted by the program after they are overwritten. In some cases, they have to be manually deleted. TMP or Temporary format is used by programs usually when sufficient memory is not available for the program to carry out its functions. As it is a temporary file, it cannot be accessed by users. The file is invisible and has the extension TMP. They are usually deleted after the program completes its tasks.

Although a number of applications like SQL Server, Fox Pro, XML Shell, Sony Vegas, etc. use BAK files, they can only be opened only in the application which created them. On the other hand, TMP files can be opened with Microsoft Word 2010, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers.

Both types have only one similarity which is they both are temporary files created by an application. They are used for different purposes. While BAK is used to store data as a backup for a database or file, TMP files are created by applications to perform their tasks. They cannot be opened in the BAK format. They have to be converted to the original format before being opened.

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