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Affect of Precise Match Area on Your Web page Ranks

Influence of Exact Match Domain on Your Page Ranks

After the smashing hit by the Panda-Penguin updates on the Google page ranks, the latest one is the EMD update. EMD or exact match domain is designed to target websites consisting of low quality content. While browsing the web at times you would have come across sites with long tail key phrase as their domain name. These long tail key phrases are essentially the specific search term that the users would search for.

A number of web marketers have been purchasing exact match domains with the aim of improving their page ranks and online visibility. However the existence of poor quality content may drastically hamper their page ranks. Classification of low quality content is based on two terms viz. parked domains or scraped content. Parked domains are place holder sites stuffed with various ads. Such kinds of websites do not provide any substantial information to the users.

Scraped content is a form of online plagiarism wherein content from other website/s is published as it is. Commonly known as duplicate content, such a practice can surely reduce your page ranks.

The idea is to provide comprehensive information on a particular topic so that the visitors can get what they are actually looking for. Infographics, power articles, etc. are some of the techniques that can act as savior. As long as you can engage your visitors and keep their interests intact, you need not really bother about EMD filter.

There are some related factors that can have a positive impact on your online rankings. Here are a few tips to help you improve the content quality of your website:-

1. Check out the number of broken links you have (if any) and get them corrected.

2. Chuckout all low quality backlinks. Pay heed to the relevance, quantity and quality of backlinks you have.

3. Do not stuff your website with too many keywords. This also related to the need of maintaining the keyword density of your site.

4. Related metatitles should be used in your website.

5. Improve your website’s loading speed.

6. Include more contextual links instead of sponsored links.

7. Reduce the bounce rate of your site by focusing on infotainment. Infotainment is an amalgamation of useful information along with a tinge of entertainment. The mere placement of facts, figures and statistics is not enough. It is the way you present those facts in front of your target audience and entice them to stick to your website.

Remember, your goal is to satisfy your audience by offering relevant and useful information along with attractive infographics, statistics, photo sharing, video sharing, user participation platform, etc. If you are successful in serving your audience well, you are certainly there to rule the web.

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