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Advantages of Database Method

Benefits of Database Approach

The database approach is an integrated approach. It is intended to meet the information needs of all the users in an enterprise – be it at the operational, tactical or strategic level. It makes integration and sharing of data possible in the enterprise.

Minimal Data Redundancy

In the database approach, data duplication/replication in minimized. Data from different department (application) are integrated into a logical structure and made available to all departments. For example, personnel info such as name, address and telephone number, job and salary information only need to be stored once. You don’t have to key-in the same information several times. All department can access information in the database according to their needs. The database approach thus minimizes data redundancy. Entering and storing the same data just reduces data entry time and cost as well as conserves disk space. This approach also eliminates data inconsistency as the same info is updated and stored in only one place.

Data Consistency

By controlling data redundancy, data inconsistency is eliminated. Each data item appears only once (except for keys). Where there is data application, the database itself enforces consistency. This eliminates data inconsistency.

Integrated Data

In a database, all the data are centralized and integrated. The data are organized into logical relationships defined between related entities. This makes it easy to relate data items in different tables. For example, by using the product code stored in one table, you can access the product description and price stored in another table.

Data Sharing

The database approach allows users from different departments to share corporate data according to their information needs. The degree of access rights given will determine what data each user can access. For example, a user in department may be allowed to access his department’s data, but not data belonging to another department. This is possible because the database approach allows you to create different views of the database for different users according to their information needs.

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