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A Residence Made Wind Mill – The Vitality of the Future

A Home Made Wind Mill – The Energy of the Future

Renewable energy has become a very hot trend recently. The reason for that is the huge jump in gas prices, but even with low gas prices, renewable energy is an important topic. There are many ways to generate and store this free energy. One of the best ways is using home made wind mills.

Wind mills are devices that use the energy of the wind to generate electricity. When wind hits the blades of the wind mill (or wind turbines) it causes them to rotate. A generator attached to the blades spins and generates electricity. There are many benefits for using this technique, and they all end up saving your hard earned money.

First, wind turbines do not require any external source of power except wind, and wind is free. There is absolutely no one expense to operate wind mills. This benefits your wallet in many ways. For example, if gas prices rise again, you will not be affected. Furthermore, you will save more. The more expensive electricity is, you save more.

Pollution is another issue that wind mills solve. Our planet is being ruined every day by polluting industries, and some of the greatest polluters are power plants. By using wind mills you are reducing your dependency on electric companies and give cleaner air to yourself and your kids.

Electric bills are never a pleasant paper to receive, but they can get very small. Using home made wind mills lowers the amount of electricity you consume from the electric company, which means you pay less. If you are producing more energy than you are consuming, you can also sell it to the electric company, and they will pay you.

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