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Why Not Take The Gross sales Quiz To see How You Are Doing?

Why Not Take The Sales Quiz To see How You Are Doing?

Sales Quiz

Why not give the following sales quiz to your sales staff. It will give you an idea of their understanding and application of some of the critical issues, concepts and techniques that have an impact on their sales performance and results. If you feel your team could benefit from an in-depth Custom in-house sales training program, please give me a call. I will be happy to discuss a custom curriculum for your staff with you. Please give me a call if you would like the answers to this quiz.

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See the end of this quiz for the answers.

1. One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is________________________________________

2. Attitude is important in sales because_________________________________________________

3. Product features are_______________________________________________________________

4. Product customer benefits are_______________________________________________________

5. The close of the sale is____________________________________________________________

6. Sales objections are_______________________________________________________________

7. One of the most important sales skills is the ability to____________________________________

8. The number one cause of failure in sales is_____________________________________________

9. Rank the following in order of importance as they relate to sales success:

-Product knowledge

-Sales skills

-Attitude management

-People skills

-Prospect qualifying

-Closing techniques

-Presentation skills

10. People buy what they____________________________________________________________

11. People buy ________________________and then justify their decision ____________________

12. Your prospect will tell you what you________________________________________________

13. Rank the following in terms of most prospects concerns:





-good terms

-organization reputation

-product reliability

14. The close of the sale should start____________________________________________________

15. People like to buy but don’t like____________________________________________________

16. Your best source of new business is_________________________________________________

17. The value of testimonials and references is____________________________________________

18. You (can’t can) sell something you don’t believe in.

19. When is the best time to ask a customer for a referral___________________________________

20. If you have a good product it will sell itself. True/False

21. The objection you will have the greatest difficulty overcoming is__________________________

22. You shouldn’t ask for the order until you have covered all of the product features True/False

23. Selling is an event not a process. True/False

24. After sales service can increase customer loyalty True/False

25. It is harder to sell on the telephone than in a personal sales call True/False

26. Verbal messages are more accurate than non-verbal signals______________________________

27. The most important element of the sales process is:_____________________________________

28. Once you have lost business it is difficult to regain it: True/False.

29. Every prospect deserves equal selling time: True/False.

30. Cold calling is the: Least/ Most effective way to prospect?

31. The Internet is making it: Easier/Harder to sell?

32. The close of the sale is the end of the sales process: True/False.

33. You can make up for a poor prospect with a good presentation and/or product: True/False.

34. A planned presentation is more effective than a spontaneous customer-driven approach.


35. It is better to ask more closed-ended questions than open-end ones. True/False

36. If a poor prospect will see you they are worth your time. True/False.

37. You should make ________ number of calls on a prospect until they buy.

38. People buy from people they_______________________________________________________

39. Sales records are important because_________________________________________________

40. The number one concern of most prospects is_________________________________________

41. You can competitor proof your relationship by________________________________________

42. If you are a good negotiator you will close more sales. True/False.

43. A prospect profile is an effective way to prospect because_______________________________

44. Solving after sales problems is considered good customer service. True/False.

45. Planning your sales message should be done in your: office, the prospects office.

46. Every sales presentation should have a certain amount of small-talk. True/False.

47. When a prospect challenges your price you should_____________________________________

48. Getting past the gate-keeper or voice-mail is one of the most difficult challenges of a salesperson.


49. The most important skill in selling is________________________________________________

50. Anyone can learn to sell. True /False.


50 correct answers……….You should be giving the test.

45-50 correct answers……….You are a real sales professional.

40-45 correct answers……….There is hope for you yet.

35-40 correct answers………..With luck, you may make it.

30-35 correct answers………..You are losing a lot of business.

30 or less correct answers……You need help big-time – call me today.

Correct Answers: Sales Quiz

Keep in mind that the answers to several of the questions are subjective. In many cases there is no right or wrong answer only – a best or better answer. This quiz is not designed to give you an in-depth explanation for each answer but rather to stimulate your thinking. With this in mind let’s take a look at what I believe – after over 40 years of selling and teaching people to sell worldwide – what some of the best answers are.

1. They talk too much. They give information before they get it.

2. It impacts every aspect of the sales process and sales relationship.

3. Characteristics or traits of a product or service.

4. What the features do for the customer.

5. The beginning of the customer relationship.

6. Positive necessary sales signals.

7. Read people, listen and ask good questions.

8. The fear of rejection.


1- Attitude management.

2. People skills.

3. Prospect qualifying.

4. Sales Skills.

5. Presentation skills.

6. Product knowledge.

7. Closing techniques.

10. Want, need, like, desire, can afford, will benefit from.

11. Emotionally / / / / / Logically.

12. You need to tell them to sell them.


1. Service.

2. Quality.

3. Convenience.

4. Good terms.

5. Product/service reliability.

6. Organization reputation.

7. Price.

14. From a sales attitude standpoint: the beginning of the sales process. From a skill or strategic

standpoint: when the prospect is ready to buy.

15. Being sold to.

16. Your current customer base. Next – past customers. Next – Referrals.

17. They give you credibility and reduce buyer fears and mistrust.

18. Can (but not much and for long)

19. All the time.

20. It depends on how badly the customer perceives of his or her need. Many times poor salespeople

are able with the help of good prospects to make up for poor sales ability.

21. The one that is the most consistent with your own values or beliefs.

22. False.

23. False.

24. True.

25. False.

26. False.

27. Getting accurate information early in the sales process.

28. False.

29. False.

30. Least.

31. True and False. It depends on a number of factors.

32. False.

33. False.

34. False.

35. False.

36. False.

37. It depends on a number of factors.

38. Trust.

39. They help you see where improvement will be helpful or necessary to achieve greater sales


40. Can I trust you and believe you. Are you looking out for my best interests or your own.

41. Being a better on-going resource for your customers.

42. False.

43. It helps you spend time with only the best prospects.

44. It depends.

45. The prospect’s office.

46. False.

47. Raise the perceived value.

48. True.

49. The ability to ask well thought out, timely, and intelligent questions and then listen.

50. True.

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