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Waterfalls and Ponds: New Aquatic Backyard Traits

Waterfalls and Ponds: New Aquatic Garden Trends

Adding a beautiful dynamic element to a landscaping design is an easy solution for bringing tranquility and beauty in an outdoor environment. In addition to the visual appeal it adds to the landscape, it can provide a soothing effect when sitting by a pond or waterfall and listening to the movement of the water.

The installation of a pond or waterfall in a landscaping environment can provide a quick solution for emulating nature. The most popular new aquatic garden trends include the installation of water gardens, bubbling fountains, pond-less waterfalls, and fountains that utilize a rock column.

Water Gardens

A water garden installation in a landscape design is the latest trend in adding a touch of nature to a property. Adding upon to the yard can quickly provide an area for floating aquatic plants, including water lilies, in a beautiful pond filled with goldfish or koi fish.

A Bubbling Fountain

Bubbling fountains are increasing in popularity due to their high efficiency, low cost, and minimal maintenance. Bubbling fountains can be crafted in a variety of styles and designs from a boulder with the bored hole that pushes water through the top, to an elaborate multi-tiered decorative fountain with cascading water. In addition, a ceramic vase transformed into a bubbling fountain is a popular design that is trending in aquatic garden solutions. They can be purchased in a variety of vibrant colors or muted earth tones.

Waterfalls without Ponds

A cascading waterfall that does not empty into a pond is one of the latest trends in aquatic gardens. Generally, the cascading water disappears at the bottom into a bed of glass or gravel before it is recirculated up to the top. This type of waterfall provides a soothing experience where the water streams along the cascade instead of simply bubbling over or crashing down. The slower movement of water provides a gradual peaceful alternative that more mimics the natural environment making it extremely friendly for neighboring wildlife eager for a drink.

Column Fountains

Likely one of the lowest maintenance fountains available are the ones crafted out of rock columns. These tend to be larger in size than a traditional bubbling fountain. Much like a waterfall without a pond, the rock column fountain allows the water to disappear deep into a bed of glass or gravel before being recirculated to the top of the column or columns.

Waterfall Sheets

The most popular contemporary designs in outdoor waterfalls are the waterfall sheets. This style provides a gentle trickling of water gently cascading down bricks or blocks. It produces a clean appearance of the waterfall. The contemporary design can be enhanced with the installation of LED lights for exceptional viewing at night.


The maintenance of a standard waterfall or pond is usually minimal. Generally, through proper installation of high quality equipment and materials the beauty of an outdoor dynamic water feature can last for years. From a wall unit or alcove, to a decorative pond, the recirculating water stream flowing from the spout can add energy and life to any outdoor environment.

The outdoors can be quickly transformed in both beauty and sound with the tranquil action of moving water flowing down a cascade or trickling down a wall. Fountains, waterscapes, garden ponds, and creative waterfalls can produce a restful dramatic solution for any outdoor environment. It can provide a relaxed full atmosphere in a beautiful outdoor setting.

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