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Velocity Up the PC: Use a Registry Cleaner to Velocity Up Your PC

How to Speed Up the PC: Use a Registry Cleaner to Speed Up Your PC

How to Speed Up the PC: Use a Registry Cleaner to Speed Up Your PC

Perhaps the most common reason for a PC slowing down is one that is most often overlooked. A large registry can bring your system to its knees and can leave you waiting for your PC to respond instead of getting things done. Knowing how to speed up the PC by properly running a registry editor can speed up your PC to a degree you probably don’t expect.

If you’re not familiar with it, the registry is the central database in your computer. When you install a program it will write entries to the registry database. If there is a particular file type associated with that program that means there are more entries. There are also entries about users and websites and just about everything else you can think of.

As the registry gets larger, accessing it gets slower which will slow down the entire computer. The nature of the registry leaves it growing without any built-in way to shrink it. As you can see, as time goes on, through normal activity on your computer the registry will get larger and larger and will continue to slow down.

Windows has no way to shrink the registry and remove the unneeded data. Thankfully, there are after-market programs that can be purchased and run to accomplish this task. They intelligently look at your registry and remove anything that is just taking up space leaving the registry lean and fastk

In addition to shrinking your registry, many registry cleaners can speed up your pc and improve the overall experience in other ways. They can show you what programs are starting when Windows starts and give you the ability to prevent them from starting. These programs can also look for corrupt files and fix errors associated with DLLs. DLL stands for dynamic link library and is a type of program file. The registry holds registrations for these files.

Once you have realized the need for a registry cleaner, the next step is deciding which one to buy. There are many different options to choose from and, like anything sold on the internet, there are varying degrees of quality between different programs.

The first, and possibly most important, thing you should look at is what other people are saying about them. Search Google for the name of the program you are considering followed by the word “review.” This will tell you what others are saying about that product and whether you should waste your time. Also look to see if they are members of any associations like the Better Business Bureau. If they are, check to see if they have any complaints about them.

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