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The Disadvantages of Out of doors Water Fountains

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The Disadvantages of Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They are meant to enhance a home’s exterior appeal and ultimately improve a family’s quality of life. Although it may not be regarded as a necessity, there are a number of benefits to getting water fountains that consumers need to recognize. See, apart from making a garden more beautiful, it is also able to raise its resale value, promote rest and relaxation, improve the air supply within its surroundings, and finally, keep the area humidified and refreshing, especially during warm seasons. They can also be used to hydrate plants and double as a watering hole or shelter for animals. And if you value serenity, outdoor water fountains are also quite capable of absorbing noise and replacing it with the relaxing gush of water.

To a certain extent, they can be considered worthwhile investments – particularly if you have the money to spend. But if your resources are low, getting an outdoor water fountain may not be a smart move for you. They do not produce any monetary gain. And they have the tendency of becoming a financial black hole since you will have to spend regularly after to maintain its functionality. An outdoor fountain may fetch anywhere from $200 to $2000, depending on the material and the construction. Installation may impose another $100. And maintenance fees may reach the same amount, depending on the scope. Given that upkeep should be held at least every three months, you will probably end up with a long list of bills by the end of the year. And we haven’t even tackled the accessories and replacement parts.

If you want to avoid the absurd upkeep expenditure, you could implement conservation tasks yourself. However, that would demand time and effort. Periodic cleaning is necessary to prevent the water fountain from harbouring disease. And you will have to constantly be mindful of the water levels and the season to keep the water pump fully operational. You will have to scrape off solid tangible debris from the water fountain’s surface daily to avoid getting the filter clogged. And you will have to treat the water with algaecides or use distilled rations to minimize contamination.

And as if that is not a hassle enough, you will also have to deal with rising water and electricity charges. Water fountains need to be run constantly to keep the pump from breaking down. So that means you have to use up a lot of energy and water. And then, there’s the issue of wastage. If you think about it, what other purpose does the liters and gallons of water inside a fountain address other than beautification? Nothing. And yet, there are people in parts of the world who die because of thirst.

Finally, outdoor water fountains also come off as a safety hazard, especially if they are big and if there are little children in the vicinity. Since they are left uncovered, they can heighten the risk of drowning among kids if they are not supervised well.

water fountain
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