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Some Dar es Salaam Accommodations Extra Central Than Others

Some Dar es Salaam Hotels More Central Than Others

The city of Dar es Salaam is the “heart of Tanzania”, and, if where many Dar es Salaam hotels are concentrated is anything to go by, the heart of the city spans the area from just inside the port and up from the harbour/lagoon mouth to the peninsula that protrudes into the Indian Ocean before the coastline sweeps northward…

In terms of the town’s biggest arterials, Kilwa Road is the main route (B2) to the south with Morogoro Road the main route (A7) to the north-west and the interior of the country. Nyerere Road is the way to the airport south-west of the city, whereas heading into the city Nyerere becomes Bibi Titi Road as you wend your way into the main commercial hub.

If you continue along Bibi Titi and then right at the junction with Ohio Street, you’ll be going in the direction of the National Museum and half a dozen or so of the city’s hotels. For example, if you go down Ohio and take a left into Garden Avenue, a couple of blocks before Sokoine Drive, you’ll come to one of the landmark Dar es Salaam hotels – the Southern Sun Dar es Salaam being past the home of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania, just beyond the German embassy and right next door to International House.

Of all the Dar es Salaam Hotels, Southern Sun’s is closest to the city’s Botanical Garden and is less than a kilometre away from Ocean Road, which you can either turn right into if you want to head towards the harbour, or left to head north in the direction of some of the beaches. And besides being close to the German Embassy, it’s also one of the Dar es Salaam Hotels closest to several other embassies including those of Canada, Mozambique, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Many of the streets leading to and from the Dar es Salaam Hotels and various other attractions are named after famous people, particularly various political leaders of the past. In addition to the airport road named after Julius Nyerere, there is also Nelson Mandela Road near the docks, Kaunda Drive, Haile Selassie Road that runs from Bagamoyo Road – where a number of the bus-stops are located in the centre of town – to the north of the peninsula and Lithule Road near State House. Samora Machel Avenue runs parallel to Garden Avenue, linking the Ocean Road Hospital to the Askari Monument and Indira Gandhi Street, and the list goes on.

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