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Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips – 3 Super Tips to Create More Room in Your Otherwise Small Kitchen

When people tell me that their kitchens are too small, I always know that this might not be the fact. You see, from experience I have come to realize that if certain measures are taken, an otherwise small kitchen will end up being big. This article looks at simple ways you can create more room in your kitchen.

Tip #1: Get rid of things that are cluttering up your kitchen space – While this is obvious, lots of people still don’t do it. When you enter their kitchens, you will notice lots of items there that take too much space and are NOT absolutely necessary to be there in the first place. If this also pertains to you, you really should get rid of such items. This will create lots of space for you.

Tip #2: Take some of the items “up” in shelves and cabinets: If the items that are cluttering up the floors of your kitchen can go up in the shelves and cabinets, then get them up. This ensures that you still have your items in your kitchen and you are still able to “rescue” the much needed space in the floor.

Tip #3: Create a cabinet under the kitchen sink: I still see lots of people leaving empty spaces under their sinks, yet they say they need space in their “small” kitchen. You can make good use of the empty space under the sink by creating a cabinet right there that can take some of the items in your kitchen, thereby creating more free space in the kitchen!

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